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2011 was likely the ONLY time that a reader of this blog can remember a Bedlam game where OSU was the favorite AND they proceeded to carry out that status.And oh, what a glorious night that was.

I ventured to Stillwater for a football game for the first time since 1981.

Man, was that a worthwhile trip. I was there when the Cowboys demolished the Sooners on national TV to win a conference championship.

If I only could have been present in 1976, then I could say I saw that twice in my lifetime. I wonder if there are any fans out there that were present at both? That would be a special thing to have.

Back to the task at hand....

Can you imagine a blowout of the Sooners in 2011 that didn't involve a TD by either Weeden or Blackmon?

Because that's what happened. Sooner magic got flipped on it's head, as Landry Jones coughed up two of the most glorious mishaps ever in Bedlam, and OU pretty much quit, running the ball to run out the clock in the 4th quarter. The collective anguish of Bedlam history was released from the fans with every big play and score, and the goal posts left the building.

My brother and I enjoyed the only Bedlam victory either of us had witnessed in person together.

What a great day.