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CRFF's Top 20 Posts of 2014: 16 - 20

Has it been another year already? Join us as we countdown the Top 20 posts of the year!

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The new year is almost here, so I thought we should take a look back at some of the most popular posts of the year. How many of these do you remember? Read up, you never know when a quiz on how well you remember 2014 might appear!

20. Chalk Talk: What's Wrong With This Offense Part 1 - Run Game

Up first on the list is Thomas Fleming's post trying to dissect the issues on the offensive side of the ball. Thomas does a masterful job of breaking down how the run game should work in a spread scheme, and how they Cowboys might go about fixing the run game.  It's really a must read of anyone interested in the X's and O's.

19. Oklahoma State Students Attacked By Biker Gang In Stillwater

Uh... what? Number 19 might be the most unexpected headline of the season. Just before the school year began this fall a biker nicknamed "Hacksaw" and at least one accomplice attacked students on 'the strip'. They reportedly punched one student several times in the face while holding him in a headlock, and threatened other students with a knife.

18. But, But, But... The Buyout!

Coming in at number 18 is Pokelahoma's breakdown of Travis Ford's buyout. 61% of the readers didn't care what the penalty just as long as he's gone, but maybe Ford's contract isn't the obstacle we think it is.  I have a feeling this isn't going to be the only post about Ford on the list, considering just 8% of the voters wanted to keep him.

17. Story Stream: Tyreek Hill Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges

So much talent wasted. The Tyreek Hill situation comes in at number 17, and it will be the only time it appears on the list. I think we're all just ready to move on.

16. Bring Doug Home

Well, that didn't take long. I said Travis Ford would come up again, and Pokelahoma is back at 16 with a suggested replacement.

Keep an eye out for the rest of the Top 20 coming soon. Where will 'Bedlam, as told by Sooner Fans' fall on the list?