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CRFF Ranks The Big 12: Bedlam Week

It's time for Bedlam football again this week and the staff got together to gauge where they think the rest of the conference stands.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a long season folks. The Cowboys have gone from being a top 15 team to a team that probably won't make a bowl game, yet even with all the craziness, there is still hope for an OSU Bedlam win because OU hasn't had to hot of a season either.

The Big 12 continued to surprise last week, or not surprise however you look at it. Baylor escaped a Arlington with a win and TCU was able to beat Texas, but somehow the head to head record between the two doesn't matter because TCU still ended up being in the top four while Baylor is number six.

Let's talk about OUR rankings, though. TCU was the overwhelming favorite for first with eight votes. Baylor came in third, but had the other two first place votes. It's weird but this is why: Robert put Baylor at 10th in his rankings, which he explained in this week's power poll.

Without holding you further, here are this weeks rankings. Don't worry, the math has gotten easier since the beginning of the season.

1 TCU(8) 98
2 KSU 86
3 Baylor (2) 79
4 Oklahoma 68
5 Texas 63
6 WVU 49
7 Oklahoma State 43
8 Texas Tech 31
9 Kansas 21
10 Iowa State