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Seasons come an go. Sometimes one or both teams are highly ranked and competing for championships. Other times, neither team really has anything major left to accomplish.

In either scenario, does Bedlam really matter?

I know, from my own experience, that I actually care more about Bedlam than anything else. The fact for me is this...Bedlam comes first. OSU has to get past it in order to accomplish anything else. Take last season for example.

If OSU wins Bedlam, they are Big 12 champs. This season, a win makes the Cowboys bowl eligible in a season that most feel pretty much went down the drain.

But what about the scenario OU is in? No championships on the line, no playoff hopes...the only thing that is in play is what bowl they will attend, which could be affected by a win or loss in Bedlam.

In a case where there isn't a LOT on the line, I can say for myself that Bedlam feels exactly the same.

I want OSU to beat OU in the worst way possible. A loss stinks to no end. The last Bedlam I watched with my mom, the Cowboys lost in OT and she cried. That game meant little outside of the rivalry.

I want payback for that.

So at any point you think Bedlam doesn't matter, take a listen to the video embedded above. That was a basketball game in 2013 between two teams playing for nothing other than the pride of beating your rival. Listen to the GIA crowd noise every time something positive happened for OSU. Watch the court rush at the end.

Then tell me it doesn't matter.