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OPEN POST: Let's Hear Some Bedlam Hate!

OU fans have been sounding off on social media and more. It's time to fire back!

Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

This year Bedlam hate has been a little different. For the most part the hate has been one sided. Oklahoma fans have turned out on the radio with bits about how Sooner fans shouldn't take a Bedlam bets from Cowboy fans, because OSU never wins and the Pokes can't, or won't, pay up. Twitter is full of Sooner fans making fun of Gundy and Stillwater in general, but really they just seemed relieved they are back to being favored in the matchup.

The ranting and raving lunatics in crimson and cream white is always hard to miss this time of year, and we've all gotten used to the badgering. Standing over your desk, stopping you at the grocery store, cutting you off in traffic. Relentlessly hounding anyone in orange on why they're better. They must make everyone believe in OU, their very existence depends on it. Their desperation is understandable though, when you measure your self worth in football victories, it's important everyone realize just how superior you are.

It's not surprising the OU fans have turned out, it's a fanbase that thrives on hate. I mean how many cars do we see making their daily trip from the trailer park to Walmart and back again with an upside down Longhorn logo, but no OU logo in sight?

Where are the OSU fans though?

For the most part Cowboy fans have been silent. It's a sign that as a whole the Pokes have become bored with the OU rivalry. 2011 was a turning point. Suddenly the jabs by Sooner fans rang hollow. They've gone from the bully at the street corner we all dreaded running into, to the chihuahua behind the glass that you kind of laugh at as you walk past.

We're letting Sooner nation off way too easy. It's time to dish a little back. Let's stir 'em up a bit. So when OSU wins tomorrow, their meltdown is that much sweeter!


I'll get us started! #ShotsFired

Here's a couple more I found on Twitter

This is more OU on OU crime, but it's hillarious


As long as we're taking shots, Ryan Broyles took a pretty big one here

Your turn! Let the hate flow in the comments!