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CRFF Predicts Bedlam

It's here, it's finally here. After the longest season in recent memory it's finally time to predict what Bedlam will be like tomorrow.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys weren't expected to have a great year by any means, but Bedlam was expected to have at least one team playing for a conference championship. However even the Sooners couldn't keep up during this crazy college football season. Let's see what the staff has to say about Bedlam.

Gerald Tracy: If Mason starts, which I believe he will, we win. 34-27. OSU focuses on stopping run and Mason goes off.

Josh Poteet: Can't believe I'm about to do this. Give me the Pokes. 34-30. Perine can't do enough to get the Sooners the W and Rudolph does enough to give him the job next season.

Nick Tyler: Well, like a staple of OSU Bedlam games they compete and are in it for most of the game but OU finds a way. "Sooner Magic baby" 38-35 OU

Gunter Sharp: 34-31 on a Ben Grogan game winner.

Taylor York: This OSU team is terrible by any measure. They are 5-5 for crying out loud. There's no way a good OSU team beats OU this year, let alone a terrible OSU team. OU just set a record for rushing yards... In what year has OSU ever been good enough to beat that? 2011? 17-41 Gooners.

Derek Hatridge: This is tough, with my heart saying one thing but my brain another. However, I'll take the Sooners 30-24.

Dekota Gregory: 31-24 OU. I hate to be in the Sooners' favor but I don't think there's any way OSU can slow down the run or protect Rudolph from that pass rush

Robert Whetsell: I'm an eternal Bedlam pessimist. 38-28 OU

King: Well screw it then, Pokes up goons down 35-31.

Evan Jones: OU 42-21

Cory Treece: 12-0 OSU. Throwback score!

Colin Price: Eh, I'm going to be optimistic on this one with 48-20 Cowboys with all but 13 and 15 happening from this list from way back when.

Chris Ross: 44-10 OK State

Well the season certainly has changed since that. That's all we have for the regular season and we hope we get another round because we will beat the Sooners tomorrow! Go Pokes!