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Of course we have Bedlam, but the opening act today is basketball, and the Cowboys have an actual Division I basketball team on the docket.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

When we started this up way back in August, none of us could have foreseen how the season has progressed.

Football is to the point that there is so much "stuff" bubbling under the surface that Bedlam should confirm if any of it is true.


I'll say this...we all love Daxx, but if he trots out for the first snap, Cowboy Nation might collectively implode.

How about many of us would have guessed that we would be more excited about the basketball team by the time we reached Bedlam?

However, as we have detailed this week, it is Bedlam. ANYTHING can, and has been known, to happen.

The added bonus today is hoops, as OSU's lead in to Bedlam is a road game at South Carolina. The game will be carried on ESPNU / ESPN3 / WatchESPN at 11am Central. The Gamecocks are no juggernaut, but it is a road game with a lot of new players on the roster, so how they react to a hostile environment will be key to watch. OSU has put together a pretty good start, but, like the football team, the road is about to get significantly tougher, so we should get a better idea over the next couple of weeks of what to expect from men's basketball.

Back to Bedlam...

Our staff was surprisingly optimistic about the potential outcome this afternoon. I'm of a mind to expect either an OU blowout where I start wishing for the Sooners to score again, or a close OSU win where I'm waiting for "Sooner Magic" to steal the moment away. That probably means neither will happen. The action will start at 2:30pm Central on FS1.

About the only thing on the line for either team today is bowl eligibility, as the Cowboys need a win to get there. OU needs a win to have a shot at a 10-win season, but that's kind of "meh," cuz we know Sooner fans consider any season a disappointment that doesn't involve at least a conference title.

The only thing I would ask of you is that, if Sooners start trolling, don't take the bait. Ignore. Fall on the sword. Anything else other than engaging in the hate. I know it's hard, but at least give it a shot. Good natured ribbing is desired, but if things go south try to stay north of the border. Let's try to stay above that. When they start rolling out the overall Bedlam record, you can trot out this...133-27-10...which is OSU's Bedlam record in wrestling.

BTW...the Cowboys host OU in GIA at 2pm Central on Sunday for the first home dual of the season. What a way to start.

While Bedlam is our focus, there are two other Big 12 games today to finalize the season. Iowa State travels to TCU for what should be a blowout at noon on ABC/WatchESPN/ESPN3. That will then leave us with Kansas State at Baylor at 7:45pm on ESPN/WatchESPN/ESPN3. I'm not even going to bother asking you to raise your hands if you are rooting for Snyder to burn every "Baylor beat TCU on the field" sign at midfield in McLane Stadium.

Anyway, join us in the comments and on Twitter. Should be a VERY interesting day to say the least.