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Player of the Game: BEDLAM

The Oklahoma State vs Oklahoma rivalry edition of our weekly Player of the Game poll!

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I have no clue how, but they pulled off the Bedlam upset as 21 point dogs. I'm writing this the morning after and it all feels so surreal. Incredible win, by an incredible team and *serves crow* an incredible coach. Everything that could've gone right in the 4th quarter went write (except for Hunnicutt's kick). Just incredible plays all around. So many guys stepped up and had big games. You couldn't have asked for a better finish.

But now, this week's nominations for player of the game!

Honorable Mention

Michael Hunnicutt

You scored that cheap little TD in Bedlam last year when the clock was expired so I have zero sympathy for you choking away on a FG in overtime.

Bob Stoops

Wow. Thank you for accepting the penalty and choosing to kick  to an Olympic class sprinter. Surely nothing could go wrong, right?

Jordan Sterns

He's been an aggressive safety all year, but both of his great plays yesterday were on special teams. His first was running into the kicker to force the punt to Tyreek. At first it was viewed as a costly error, but then Stoops chose to kick it to an Olympic class sprinter and know the rest.

His second best play came on the actual kick return. When Hill was flying down field, Sterns laid the pancake block on OU's punter and completely leveled him. The block made way for the Freek to run the next 50 or so yards in comfort.

Ben Grogan

He hit some very shaky extra points, but none of that matters! He drilled the game winning kick in overtime to win Bedlam!

Brandon Sheperd

Sheperd has been the Cowboy's leading receiver this season and he continued to lead through Bedlam. He hauled in two touchdowns on seven grabs that went for a season high 156 yards!

Desmond Roland

He didn't gain too many yards on the ground, but he scored two touchdowns and drove OSU all the way inside OU's five yard line to set up Grogan's game winner.

Mason Rudolph

In his second career start, Rudolph beat the Sooners. He did it while throwing for 270 yards and two touchdowns to help lead the Pokes to victory. I really can't give Rudolph enough praise.  He has a really bright future at OSU and these next three years are gonna be really fun to watch.

Tyreek Hill

OH MY GOSH. Tyreek Hill saved us with a 92 yard TD return in the final minute to bring the game to OT. It was incredible and clutch. Ninety two yards of history. He saved the game.

That's a wrap! Let us know who we might have missed in the comments and vote away!

Go Pokes!