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Not much to say about this one except for one minor detail....WHERE THE HELL HAS FORD BEEN HIDING MASON COX?

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

There was a point at which I thought Cox was going to collapse due to exhaustion.

That's what happens when you play your most minutes EVER in a college basketball game.

This was over with quick, as Texas rolled out a 3pt shooting barrage seldom seen from the Longhorns, and OSU couldn't reliably score. The final score of 87-68 was not indicative of how close this game WASN'T, as the lead hovered around 25 points for about half of the game.

Don't know how drastically different this would have been with Smart in the lineup.

Cox and Sager provided nice story lines with both garnering major minutes and playing productively. We had a Gary Gaskins sighting, but if you happened to make a trip to the kitchen or bathroom at the wrong time, you would have missed it.

The real question now is what the heck do we expect from this squad for the rest of the season.

The next two games don't look too optimistic for the Cowboys. Sooners in GIA and Baylor in Waco.

Smart will return in time for a rematch with Texas Tech in Stillwater. That, plus the road game at TCU, look to be OSU's only real opportunities for wins. Get both, and they would still likely need a Big 12 Tourney championship to get in the Dance. A Big 12 record of 6-12 isn't getting in the tourney.

So I guess what we watch for now is how much fight do they have in them? There could be some ugly games coming up if they don't bring some attitude and effort, which I think they will.

Then we wait and see if Holder and Boone have the gumption (and $$$) to send Ford on his way.

While watching the beating, there was this...

Next up...Sooners in GIA on Saturday.