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Proposed Rule Change Wants To Slow Down Oklahoma State's Offense

The NCAA is considering slowing down the no-huddle offense, and Coach Mike Gundy is not amused.

Reese Strickland

Mike Gundy took to Twitter today to speak out against a proposed rule change. The NCAA is considering a new rule that would force offenses to wait 10 seconds between plays. If an offense were to snap the ball before the play clock reads 29 seconds it would be a 5-yard -get this- delay of game penalty.

Needless to say the controversial rule change isn't sitting well with everyone, and never one afraid to speak his mind, Coach Gundy took to Twitter to voice his opinion.

Coach Gundy has a point. College Football is in it's hay day, why change it? Typically rule change considerations come from trying to fix flaws with the sport. Such as the other rule change the NCAA is considering, but more on that in a second.

So what brought all this about? Nick Saban and other supporters of slowing down the no-huddle offense cite player safety concerns. Currently there isn't time to make substitutions against an up-tempo offense, and defenses have to wait for the offense to sub. Critics claim that puts defensive lineman at greater risk of injury. Except there doesn't seem to be any evidence to support those claims, and offensive lineman are on the field the same amount of time.

Truth be told I'm not sure what influenced the NCAA to consider the new rule, but perhaps a rule change to eliminate kick returns off missed field goals is on the horizon.

The second rule change the NCAA is considering is a bit more obvious. Fix the whole when-is-a-penalty-not-a-penalty-but-still-a-penalty fiasco. Currently an overturned targeting call saves the offending player from ejection, but the 15-yard penalty still stands. The new rule would overturn penalty in it's entirety.