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COWBOYS PODCAST FOR FREE: Bedlam 2 Preview with Fran Fraschilla

ESPN college basketball analyst Fran Fraschilla once again joins CRFF to discuss the current state of OSU basketball. Let's just say it ran a little longer than our last conversation....

As Fran notes, things are a little bit different for the Cowboys than when we last spoke, although he definitely feels OSU and Ford can still make the Dance. He says the magic number is 8, and I agree. The question is where do those wins come from.

Listen here.

iTunes here.

The following is a breakdown of our general topics in case you want to skip around:

1:45...Current state of Cowboy basketball

3:20...What can OSU do to possibly steal a win over the next two games?

5:55...How does Marcus Smart get his game headed back in the right direction?

8:50...Let's go fans

10:53...Did Ford miss an opportunity to reel Smart in after the outburst against West Virginia?

15:30...Mason Cox reminded Fran that he did go up against Longhorns' starting center Cameron Ridley.

15:38...Has OSU's bench become deeper out of necessity?

19:49...Travis Ford's coaching seat is.......???

22:40...Former coach and basketball father gets to brag about his boys. James is very active with Hayden's Hope.

Thanks again to Fran for taking time out of his busy schedule to spend some time with us.