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Helpful Hints For Travis Ford

With four weeks or so left in the season, I thought I'd offer Ford some advice.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Look, I'm not a completely terrible guy...I'm happily married, like my real job and eat my hot dogs with mustard, unlike you communists who use ketchup. Despite some of the things written all of the contributors to this website, we aren't bad folks and no one here thinks Ford is a bad guy on a personal level. With that spirit of decency in mind, I thought I'd give Travis some advice with about four weeks left in the season.

4 weeks out

Contract with a Realtor- Not a big market in Stillwater for houses big enough to play basketball in.  Best to jump on this one early. Maybe Remax?

Get Estimates- Travis, you'll want to get estimates from a moving company. All My Sons moving gives a free quote right on the website. Quotes will help you budget how best to split up your buyout cash.

If you're a Thunder fan you can use these guys instead. They both seem like solid options.

Plan a garage sale- Those NIT participant T shirts aren't going to be valuable where you're going. It's best to sell them to Stillwater locals rather than take them with you.

Order Boxes - The time to pack will disappear quickly.

3 weeks out

New Schools - Send the Mrs. out to research new schools in your new community. She wanted to live in Edmond anyways, so I'm sure she'll be a valuable resource in this.

Frozen Food - Start using up those frozen foods! Can't take em with you after all.

2 weeks out

Call the Utilities- Let em know you're leaving. I'm sure they'd be glad to shut off your power the moment you leave town.

Services- It's important to let the local car dealer know you'll be dropping off your university provided vehicle soon, and this time you won't be back to complain your way into a more expensive one.  Let the doctors and the kids school know you're gone too. I wouldn't interrupt your attorney at this moment though. I imagine he will be busy. Be sure to change your address on your peewee magazine coaching subscriptions and your credit cards.

1 week out

Say Goodbye- Let the team know you're probably leaving, but not to focus on it.

Pack and Label- Pack up your office, and have the kids start packing up at home. Make sure your coaching whistle goes in the truck first. You'll be taking a break I imagine.

Finish Up- Drop off the university provided vehicles, return the Karsten Creek membership etc, collect your check.

Moving Day-

On moving day it's important to relax and let the movers do their job. You've packed up all your things and separated out what you want quick access too. If you've signed the papers over to the home's new owner then leave the key with your Realtor. If not call and check in with the Realtor as you head out of town.

No hard feelings coach, I hope this is helpful.