Marcus is at a point where he looks back on the season and has to ask himself "What the hell has happened?"

Let's set the stage.

About this time last year I made the call and said Marcus would return and play another year. People told me I was nuts if I thought he would be back for another year. They asked me why I thought that?

I explained for numerous reasons which are , he needed to improve on his passing skills and ball handling. He turned the ball over way too much last year.

He needed to improve on his three point shooting as he would need it in the pros.

And the final one is he had a friend named Forte, which I think he felt some obligation to and all that combined is the reason I felt he would be back.

Lets look at his stats:

Marcus Smart Stat Summary:

2013-14 23 31.6 17.5 42.2 28.1 73.6 4.3 5.7 0.5 2.3
2012-13 33 33.5 15.4 40.4 29.0 77.7 4.2 5.8 0.7 3.0
Career 56 32.7 16.2 41.1 28.5 75.8 4.2 5.8 0.6 2.7

More here:

Not counting the games played does anyone see any eye popping numbers as in a difference from last year? I don't...Now I know the PPG is pretty good but he could use a few more assists and a little higher number on his three pointer percentage. With Cobbins out he had to step up his game which would account for more points.

So what would the major difference be between him going pro last year verses this year? Well I can't say for sure the amount but it is quite a few million. Will he stay for another year? Will they have a coach for next year that would increase his odds of going higher?

Call me stupid if you want, but he has absolutely nothing to lose by staying another year and everything to gain. Regardless of whether he stays or goes I will be a Pokes fan... Hell it's in my name. I will officially go out on a limb again and say he STAYS