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Josh Stewart at the NFL Combine

Only two Oklahoma State players were invited to the NFL Combine, Justin Gilbert and Josh Stewart. Gilbert "blew up" the Combine, but Stewart bombed it.

Ronald Martinez

"[draft evaluations] expected me to go in the 4th to 7th round." Josh Stewart told Pistol's Firing Brendon Morris after declaring for the draft a year early. "I can go to the NFL Combine and prove myself and same with our Pro Day, but at the same time I could drop. That’s a risk I’m willing to take."

Unfortunately the Combine won't be helping Stewart's draft stock.

Josh was the 3rd slowest receiver in the 40-yard dash, clocking a time of 4.69 seconds. The bench press didn't go much better. While 10 reps would be ambitious for just about anyone reading this, including myself, it's near the bottom for WR's looking to play in the NFL.

Not good news for a guy whose biggest draft concerns are speed and size.

Scouts will have to rely on what they see in film, and honestly that's okay for Josh. He's a gamer. In just three years he's 6th all-time in career reception yards for Oklahoma State. He also proved to be a dangerous return man in his final year as a Poke, taking two punts and a kick to the house.

Stewart shouldn't stress too much about his performance. A good showing can increase a player's draft stock, but a bad showing isn't anything a good Pro Day can't overcome.

There was a bright spot for Josh at the Combine, he killed the Gauntlet. It's perhaps the most entertaining drill of the Combine. The receiver starts on the sideline and goes through series of spins while catching several passes. The receiver then sprints across the field while the balls keep coming. Josh went through the drill in good time, and caught everything thrown his way! If a receiver had to choose only one drill to standout in, the Gauntlet would be it.