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Gundy to allow interviewing of first year players.

At a time when most felt OSU's head coach was clamping down on access to information about the program and players, it looks like he's realized they have to put something out to keep the fan base excited.

Donald Miralle

Had this Twitter exchange...

The referenced interview was conducted by Robert Allen (no surprise), as he was speaking with a person involved in producing the videos.

I have to say that, while I have always been a vocal critic of Gundy's unwillingness to share info about the program and its players, this would be a tremendous development, especially the interviewing of first year players.

Now I'm sure those will be controlled...these will be video productions produced by OSU...but either way, it's something the fans will go nuts over. The "Coach's Chalk Talk" videos have already met with approval, so I think it would be clear that while Gundy doesn't care all that much for the regular, or irregular, media, he does realize that information needs to get out there to create buzz among the fans. OSU isn't rolling in championships yet, so there still needs to be something trotted out that generates excitement.

Excitement sells tickets.

I'm all for it. Good job Coach Gundy.