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CRFF HANGOUT: Oklahoma State Hoops Recap & Outlook, plus some Recruiting

Graham and Derek joined in as we listened to Schultzy type and click in a futile attempt to get his microphone to work properly.

We go at it for about an hour, so here's a catalog of key moments if you want to jump around...

-2:21...Graham on the final out of bounds play: "Hey guys, let's run around and hope to God something happens...."

-3:57...I can't hold back any longer....

-7:31...Graham commenting on my question of Leyton Hammonds getting pulled right when he appeared to be getting comfortable: "We weren't pandering to Myles Turner." "A guy that hasn't played legitimate minutes all year...he's the first sub in the game in a major Big 12 contest..." (about Gaskins early minutes against Baylor with prized recruit Myles Turner on the bench)

-8:00...Graham: "I've heard people claim that he [Gaskins] has a bigger vertical than Markel Brown, if that can be done..."

-8:51...Whetsell: "You [Ford] were willing to roll with Soucek for 3-4 minutes a game 2 or 3 games in a row, you don't want to roll with Gaskins who's not overmatched by the speed of the game?"

-12:43...Whetsell: "Are you telling me he can't build a roster any deeper than that, and all it takes is an injury and a dismissal...and this team goes from a Final Four team to a team that could possibly not make the Dance?"

-13:49...Derek: "There's just no structured coaching going on, in my opinion."

-15:39...Whetsell: "How many times did we watch last night where they [OSU] came down the floor and Forte stood still..."

-18:27..."What has this team got in store for us to finish the year?"

-24:25...Whetsell: "For me, the upside for this team, if they made a Sweet 16 I think that would be humongous."

-25:06...The question Graham has been waiting for all night...and I let Derek answer first. I'm mean that way...

-30:23...Took us 30 minutes to work in a "Gottlieb for Coach" reference.

-31:30...Only took us another minute and a half to work in a "Pay Self whatever it takes" reference. Graham roles out his 5 options for potential coaching hires. Listen to this, because Graham makes the best case I've ever heard for why Scott Sutton would be a great hire, maybe better than Bill Self. Yep, I said it.

-39.30...A live listener posts a question!!! "Do you guys think the answer to how this team could improve is as simple as Marcus playing better?" Pat follows that up by throwing Danny Manning's hat in the potential Ford replacement ring.

-48:15...National Signing Day football conversation