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While there was much more emphasis on replacing defensive talent, the headliners are a couple of offensive additions who are already in town.

Brett Deering

The Cowboys had a really solid, if not great, NSD. All the major commits came through and OSU flipped a couple of guys last minute.

But regardless of what happened on Feb 5, the two potential lightning bolts for this class are already enrolled.

Mason Rudolph (#8 HS QB-PP) left high school early after leading his team to a state title. Dejavu all over again?

Tyreek Hill (#1 JUCO ATH) transferred from Garden City CC for the spring and expects to have an immediate impact at inside receiver.

The offensive side of the class brings a number of players that could potentially contribute right out of the gate:

Tyreek Hill ATH JUCO Early Enrollee 5'8" 190
Deionte' Noel OG HS (flipped from Tech) 6'3" 300
Lem Galeai OG HS 6'5" 320
Matthew Mucha OT HS 6'6" 250
Mason Rudolph QB HS Early Enrollee 6'4" 212
Devon Thomas RB HS 5'11" 211
Sione Palelei RB HS 5'10" 202
Jordan Frazier TE HS Early Enrollee 6'5" 230
Keenen Brown WR HS 6'3" 205
James Washington WR HS 5'11" 178
Chris Lacy WR HS 6'3" 191

But nobody is more anticipated in spring camp than Mason Rudolph.

Since Brandon Weeden pretty much ruined us from 2009-2011, eliminating the possibility of any realistic expectations for incoming QB recruits, that position has been nothing but drama and rotating starters. How quickly we forget that Weeden was a walk-on.

While the position has not been horribly manned, the last two seasons have demonstrated that if you want to win consistently and big in the Big 12 and nationally, you better have someone that can sling it. Doesn't hurt if they have a decent pair of legs.

Anything less leaves the team vulnerable to becoming one dimensional, and we watched painfully as OSU's game plans often devolved into predictability and conservative calls.

Wes Lunt didn't have things work out well for him in his effort to assume the throne of " the next Weeden."

How will Rudolph fair? It'll be tough to know, as Gundy has a virtual death grip on any information flowing out of the program, but it would be hard to believe that an early enrollee would not compete for the starting position. Walsh will have the advantage of knowing the system and two years with multiple starts, while everybody's favorite unknown Daxx Garman supposedly throws a really nice deep ball, which makes us all swoon. Don't bother talking to me about anyone else at that position.

Rudolph's advantage over Lunt? He has serviceable legs. While not known as a runner, his highlight video shows he has pretty good pocket awareness and is very adept at buying time or taking off when necessary. Think Chelf, but hopefully with a stronger, more consistent arm.

QB will once again be the focus for most of the fan base come spring practice.

Tyreek Hill, however, will not be without attention.

Hill is expected to immediately compete for a spot at inside receiver, where Ra'shaad Samples will be coming off his RS season.


Josh Stewart was pretty darn good, and OSU has TWO players that could make us forget him pretty quick (no pun intended).

TWO players with Justin Gilbert type speed on the offensive side of the ball. That could be REALLY fun, and that's not to discount the presence of James Washington, another small, shifty and quick player who came on late in the recruiting process.

Throw in returning players, plus Keenen Brown, Chris Lacy, and Jordan Frazier, and the Cowboys have a tremendous array of size and speed at the wide receiver position.

As far as the running backs, it will be interesting to see if either recruit becomes an immediate contributor. Devon Thomas and Sione Palelei both bring good size and speed, but with Roland and Childs looking solidly in charge of the 1A & 1B RB spots, only one place is left for someone looking for potential carries. With Corion Webster emerging from a RS season, the battle for that sliver of time looks to be tough, but Roland has dealt with injuries each of the past two seasons, so whoever pushes their way in can expect opportunity to come knocking at some point.

A big question surrounded the offensive line with the departure of Joe Wickline to Texas, but the Cowboys not only weathered that storm, they actually flipped a Texas Tech commit late in the process. The three recruits all bring size, although Matthew Mucha will likely RS and former Tech commit Deionte Noel will "blue shirt." (wasn't going to type BS) At 6-5 and 330, Lemaefe Galea'i looks to be a possible contributor in the fall.

That's about it for now, as we anxiously await spring practice and any sliver of information we can scrape up about the program.