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But But But...The Buyout!

Travis Ford's buyout has been the subject reverberating around the internet and media echo chamber...Maybe it's time we actually look at it.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

I am not a lawyer, or a crook, just a guy on the internet with an abnormal love for my Alma mater. This season started off with high expectations and didn't pay off. I wrote an article overcoming objections to bringing in Doug Gottlieb as head coach earlier this year because it's time for a new man. We've finished in the top half of the conference one time and have one NCAA win. That's not good enough in six years so now I'd like to conquer the biggest hill to removing Ford.

Removing Ford often comes up in conversation, a seven game losing streak, dudes peeing out windows and horrible end game management will cause that. Several loyal, true and financially responsible Pokes often dismiss the possibility of his removal with the believe that he is owed the remainder of his contract if we let him go. It has been reverberating off the walls of the media and message board echo chamber for years. A tiny bird emailed me his contract and I don't think his buyout is an unmanageable hurdle anymore. Let's take a look, shall we?

Ford's buyout

Wait...but Pokelahoma, does that second yellow part mean what I think it means?

Well, I'm not a lawyer like I said, but it reads like we would be responsible for paying him off like he still worked here as he sits on his couch and eats funyons.

Ok great, we don't owe him a lump sum, that sounds important...but he has five more years on his deal. I'm uncomfortable paying this clown the ten million or so that he is owed to do nothing.

Ford mitigate

Mother of GOD........You mean he has to try to get back to work?


And he has to send us a monthly report on his job search?


That might get annoying, maybe he gets back to work sooner, I noticed non basketball related jobs also count.


Wait...and we reduce his buyout payments by whatever income he brings in?

Also True.

This buyout doesn't sound half as bad as the media makes it out to be.

Exactly, the buyout isn't nearly as bad as people and Ford's friends in the media make it out to be. We haven't even gotten to the part where we can negotiate some of this into a manageable lump sum and he just goes away forever.

The end could be near. Make sure to have your voice heard at