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NCAA Tourney Odds and Ends

March Madness is about to tip off, but while you wait check out these random facts and odds about the Tournament.

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Random NCAA Tournament Facts

  • The average fan fills out 4.5 brackets, and it takes them 1 hour and 15 minutes to do it.
  • Americans will spend almost 8.4 million hours watching March Madness games at work, and most employers don't mind.
  • The largest margin of victory in the tournament is 64 points. In 1963, Loyola beat Tennessee Tech 111 - 47.
  • Only 7 teams have won the Tournament with an undefeated record.
  • A 5-seed has never won.
  • The lowest seed to ever win is an 11-seed.
  • A 1-seed hasn't made it to the Final Four only 3 times.
  • When the tournament began in 1939 there were only eight teams seeded.
  • 1973 was the first year the NCAA Championship was broadcast during prime time.
  • Only three coaches have won the National Title as a player and a coach...Bobby Knight, Joe Hall, and Dean Smith
  • Kansas coach Bill Self has taken three different schools to the Elite Eight (Tulsa, Illinois, Kansas).
  • Twelve coaches have won the tournament while coaching at their Alma mater.
  • Thirteen coaches have won more than once.
  • $2.5 Billion is illegally gambled on March Madness each year.

Speaking of gambling, here are some random March Madness betting odds.

Which 1-seed will be the first to be eliminated from the tournament?
Wichita State 10/11
Arizona 2/1
Virginia 3/1
Florida 6/1
Will a 16-seed advance past the round of 64?
Yes 6/1
No 1/10
How will the sum of the seeds be in the Final Four?
Over/Under 12 1/2
What seed will the champion be?
1-seed 3/2
2-seed 4/1
3-seed 5/1
4-seed 2/1
5-seed 25/1
6-seed 25/1
7-seed 25/1
7-seed 25/1
8-seed 20/1
9-seed or higher 20/1
What conference will the champion come from?
Big Ten 7/2
Atlantic Coast Conference 15/4
American Athletic Conference 5/1
South Eastern Conference 5/1
Big East 6/1
Pac 12 6/1
Big 12 7/1
Atlantic 10 20/1
Mountain West 33/1
Will there be a repeat of Michigan vs Louisville in the final?
Yes 10/1
No 1/25
What will be the largest margin of victory in the Round of 64?
Over/Under 32 1/2
What will be the most about of points scored by one team in the Round of 64?
Over/Under 95 1/2