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WBB | Tiffany Bias Draft Projections

The senior has led the Cowgirls to the most regular season wins since 2007-08.


For the Oklahoma State Cowgirls, Tiffany Bias has been a staple in the progression that was started by Andrea Riley, and then continued by Toni Young. She's helped the Cowgirls to a very impressive 22-7 regular season record.

Now that her senior season is closing down, Bias will find herself in the mix on some boards for April's WNBA Draft. She's currently projected as a late first round to early second round pick. She'd love to become the sixth player from the state of Kansas to play in the WNBA.

She brings an explosiveness to the court that's rare in today's women's college basketball and that'll translate to at least a quality role player at the next level. She's fundamentally sound as a guard and shares the ball well. For everything that Bias can do, though, she has her negatives that I think will keep her out of the first round.

She's very inconsistent and tended to disappear this season in bigger games. Despite averaging 14.1 points per game, she doesn't shoot particularly well. A season average of 40.6 percent from the floor and just 32.3 percent from behind the arc, along with 67 percent from the line, are all glaring problems for Bias.

Bias' shot selection is probably the biggest reason she's not more efficient. She's been more of a jump shooter, yet has a much higher percentage finishing around the rim. This would be a big upgrade for the Cowgirls if Tiffany can start now to improve this.

She brings an explosiveness to the court that's rare in today's women's college basketball

For someone who doesn't perform nearly as well against the higher profile teams, we saw some improvement in the win over the Oklahoma Sooners. The aggressive and tenacious play that you want to see at the next level was on full display that day. She needs to be able to do that at the college level on a regular basis. Bias could improve to a first round selection if she would just find that consistency.

Despite that, she's a proven leader on the court and knows how to get her teammates involved. She's 22nd nationally with 6.1 assists per game. Unfortunately her assist-to-turnover ratio is a low 1.9 (# of assists for every TO), but it's largely due to her being a primary ball handler. She is asked to do more than your run of the mill point guard.

Two 2014 WNBA Mock drafts have Bias sitting at the beginning of the second round at 13th, heading to Connecticut. Another draft has her going 16th to New York.

The Big 12 and NCAA Tournaments are going to be huge opportunities for Bias to showcase that offensive ability needed at the next level. She's already on the radar, it's just a matter of how far she can move up.

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