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Iowa State Flopping For Smart (Updated)

The Iowa State student section is planning to honor Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart, and it's hilarious!

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

I have to admit, this is pretty funny.  The Iowa State student section is planning a pretty elaborate celebration in Smart's honor.

From the Facebook Event:

"Marcus Smart has become well known for his "flopping" abilities. It’s time to make him feel right at home with a MASSIVE student section flop of our own.

"Smart has become well known for his "flopping" abilities. It’s time to make him feel right at home."

THE FLOP: This will essentially be a very dramatic fall back into your seat and neighbors. Be sure to REALLY overdo it. Throw your arms into the air, yell and scream as you fall back (think about it as a reversal of the "sitting down to jumping up" free throw distraction), and act like you’ve been knocked across the face. These are methods we’ve learned from the legend himself; Marcus Smart.


INTRODUCTION: When Marcus Smart is announced during Oklahoma State’s starting line-up, we’ll replace *clap, clap, clap, clap, clap* "YOU SUCK!" with *clap, clap, clap, clap, clap* "YOU FLOP!" When we yell "FLOP", we all FALL BACK! This is the most important one.

FREE THROWS: During select free throw attempts, we’ll be holding up the FLOP signs. Be sure to FLOP AS SOON AS THE REF GIVES HIM THE BALL. Flopping as he shoots will do little to distract him.

HOW IT STARTS: At the front of each end of the student section, there will be a couple of large signs which read "FLOP". These signs will be held up immediately before the team introductions to remind you to flop when Marcus Smart is announced. The signs will also be held up a couple of times during his free throw attempts, so if Smart gets to the free throw line, be on the lookout!"

This game is going to be intense!  Go Pokes!