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Travis Ford Falls on the Floor in a Bar

Our unsung star is finally back in class. What will Mr. Iba show him now???

Donald Miralle

Our star is finally back, sure he took a 6 week break but he's back! Catch back up with Episode one and Episode two


The bar area was packed with various fans drinking out of silver rimmed saucers. Identical bottles on each wooden table read Fernet Branca and it filled the air with mint and pretense. Mr Iba guided Travis through the crowd without issue as the demons were fixated on two TV's showing endless loops of Big 12 victories.

The pair slid up to the bar and called over the bartender, a short haired decrepit blond lady named Kim. "what will you two be having tonight?" she asked.
"Kim I just learned an important lesson from Mr. Iba. Please get your best bottle of champagne. I think it's time to celebrate..and two glasses"
"Sounds great, I'll be right back" Kim hissed through a face painted on with a pressure washer
The ragged bartender returned with an extra special bottle of champagne and two glasses. She delicately held it out for coach Ford to wrap his hand around.
"I got it, Kim I promise, you can let go"
"Ok, it's all yours and there are open seats in the back"
Travis turned, took 16 steps and then


The champagne bottle slipped from his hand and shattered on the marble floor. Bubbly started spraying from the broken bottle coating everyone including Travis.

With champaign dripping from his hair, "Mr. Iba, when we get back to Stillwater will you ask Marcus Smart to tell me what metaphor means?"

"I sure will Travis, it's an important lesson for you to learn....Hey wait...where'd my wallet go?

"Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Iba...I uhhh found it...over by the bar"

"Travis, I think that we've gone far enough. It's time to learn the importance of humility, dedication and planning. Running a successful program is a marathon, not a sprint."

"How are we going to do that Mr. Iba?"

"Well look around Travis...these people are all watching relatively meaningless games in an endless loop...You'll see Okstate vs Texas 3OT from 2007.....They rushed the floor and were in the top 10! and didn't make the tourney....See the Texas fans? They had one of the best college players of all time and didn't make the sweet 16, The Baylor fans? They brag about NIT wins."

"Looking back, none of that sounds that great coach"

"It's not Travis, we have better examples of who to talk to. Let's go see those Kansas fans over there. They're a good place to begin our next lecture"

What do I need this lesson for? Travis wondered, "I'm highly successful. I've made four tournaments in six years...and I have a Porche with a Quadraphonic blaupunkt."

"YOU DONT NEED THOSE THINGS! YOU NEED DEDICATION, ORGANIZATION AND A FREAKING PLAN YOU MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sit down and watch these Kansas highlights" The arrogance and excessive cologne of Travis Ford had finally gotten to Mr. Iba.

"Travis, they've won the Big 12 every year....and every year they at least try to get better. They set high expectations for their program and the players respond. They don't baby them and say things like "we tried hard" They make the tournament every year....they lose players to the draft and to injury every year, they aren't in danger of missing the tourney due to APR and they don't make excuses. They just keep coming back year over year with success. Their head coach has a plan and he stays with it. They run an identifiable style, find kids who fit into it and then COACH THEM. Bill Self would never let the inmates run the asylum. You get it yet? They made it farther in the tourney in a "bad" year without their best player than you did with yours."

"Ok coach Iba I get it, I'll agree to develop a plan, design an actual offense that resembles something beyond the playground and even discipline kids and make them go to class...Can we get back to Stillwater now so I can start working on this?"

"Sure Travis the exit's over there, just walk into the beer freezer door."

"Coach, I'm so excited, I can't wait to get back to Stillwater and ask Marcus if what you said is ok for me to do."Travis took off running, hurdled the bar with enthusiasm and crashed right into the bar door knocking himself unconcisous.

"Sigh....My love for Oklahoma State will never die" Henry said aloud as he walked towards Ford's lifeless body and dragged him into the portal back to Stillwater.