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It's that time of year, the time when football and hoops have gone into hibernation and we lose a lot of motivation for posts. We are looking for folks interested in covering some of the other sports at OSU.

We put out a call last fall and got a tremendous response, resulting in some fantastic folks joining our ranks and the most page view activity in the history of the site.

That momentum has carried over through basketball season and spring football, but we need some more writers to join us in order to keep things moving. We would really like to add many of the other great activities at OSU to our coverage.

Whether you are a journalism student looking to practice your craft or a fan like me who enjoys writing about OSU and being involved in the discussion, CRFF is a fantastic opportunity. Even if you aren't much for writing, but are great with GIF's and video, there might be a place for you.

Not only is there exposure to the Cowboys' fan base and local media (I've been fortunate to establish some great "long distance" social media friendships), but the connection to the larger SB Nation network offers potential opportunities.

If you are interested, give us shout at cowboysrff at gmail dot com. There's plenty of room for a variety of styles and opinions!