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We can't wait to see the offense, we are legitimately afraid to watch the defense, and Florida State looms. What does 2014 hold in store for the Cowboys?


Overall, I think it is pretty clear that OSU should be decent offensively, but defensively there are huge question marks mostly brought on by the loss of so many contributors.

As we take a very early look ahead to the schedule for 2014, I think it is simple to figure out that we are hoping that the offense turns back the clock to 2010-11 in regards to production. They're probably gonna need it.

Date Opponent / Event Location Time / Result
1 08/30/14 vs. Florida State Arlington, TX TBA
2 09/06/14 vs. Missouri State Boone Pickens Stadium TBA
3 09/13/14 vs. UTSA Boone Pickens Stadium TBA
4 09/25/14 vs. Texas Tech Boone Pickens Stadium TBA
5 10/04/14 vs. Iowa State Boone Pickens Stadium TBA
6 10/11/14 at Kansas Lawrence, KS TBA
7 10/18/14 at TCU Fort Worth, TX TBA
8 10/25/14 vs. West Virginia Boone Pickens Stadium TBA
9 11/01/14 at Kansas State Manhattan, KS TBA
10 11/15/14 vs. Texas Boone Pickens Stadium TBA
11 11/22/14 at Baylor Waco, TX TBA
12 12/6/14 at Oklahoma Norman, OK TBA

1. Florida State at AT&T Stadium

Defending National Champions. QB won the Heisman Trophy as a freshman.


2. Missouri State

FCS member of the Missouri Valley Conference. Finish 5-7 last season, losing all of its non-conference games (including a 28-14 loss to Iowa) and going 5-3 in conference. Perfect recipe for licking the wounds after the opening season loss.

Blowout time, and guaranteed we'll see Daxx if we don't see him at Jerry's World.



If this was the 2nd game of the season, it could be real trouble for OSU. The Roadrunners are a good enough team (see Houston, 2009) that if the Cowboys came stumbling in after a big loss I would be the first to put them on upset alert. They return most of a team that was able to move the ball in last season's loss in San Antonio, and forced Gundy to put some of the starters back in the game after building a huge lead.

Unfortunately for Larry Coker, this isn't the 2nd game for OSU. Gundy will have the troops back in order.

Could be a tougher game than expected, but 2-1 is the end result.

Bye Week

4. Texas Tech

If I have to go on what I know now, this could be an epic Thursday night shootout in BPS, one of those where the last guy with the ball wins.

We should have a much better idea about the defense by then. Let's hope they are maturing quickly.

This will be a struggle, as many games will be, but home turf holds sway.

3-1, 1-0

5. Iowa State

The BPS parade continues, and that's a good thing. Wouldn't want this young group hanging out in Ames.

This shouldn't be as rough as the prior week.

4-1, 2-0

6. @ Kansas

It's right about now that we realize the schedule may be perfect for this inexperienced group.

After a really tough outing to open the season, roll out a bunch of winnable games. Build up some confidence.

At least we hope that's what happens. Jayhawks still stink.

5-1, 3-0

7. @ TCU

This is where things could go either direction.

Win, and this season could be looking up. Lose, and it could be a rough ride to the finish.

This will be a physical game against a well coached team in a hostile environment. OSU's first time to visit the Horned Frogs as Big 12 members.

5-2, 3-1

8. West Virginia

Do we really need to dig up memories of the ill-advised fade route? The mysterious play calling?

No we don't.

I think OSU plays the revenge card at home.

6-2, 4-1...bowl eligible and probably getting some chatter as a sexy pick to surprise in the Big 12 race.

9. @ Kansas State

Nope, don't wanna do it.

There is no question in my mind how this plays out. I simultaneously admire and fear Bill Snyder. Sams may pass for 5,000 yards.

6-3, not so sexy.

Bye Week

10. Texas

We got this one. I mean, seriously, I think it's been proven that Mack Brown can't...wait, what? He resigned? Charlie Strong is now the HC?

Let's hope the toxic Red McCombs Longhorn machine has screwed this thing up by this time.

This is the one pick that is out on a limb. I'm going with some BPS magic.

7-3, 5-2

11. @ Baylor

Right. I can guarantee by this time of the season Bryce Petty will know where all the turf monsters are hiding at the new Bears stadium.

7-4, 5-3

Thanksgiving Break Bye Week

12. Bedlam in Norman

Who the hell knows. After the 2011 spanking the rivalry has given us two classics. OSU heartbreaks yes, but classics none the less.

This won't be any different, but until Gundy proves otherwise the Sooners will continue to own this series.

7-5, 5-4

Anything could happen at this point in regards to the bowl season, which will largely depend on where other teams wind up in the pecking order. I could see BWW, but HOD is very much a possibility.

Like I said above, if I have to go with what I know now this is the best I've got. Obviously the offense could turn out to be a juggernaut, the defense could be better than expected, or the rest of the league could be less than advertised again, any of which could result in 2-3 more wins and turn Bedlam into a much bigger deal than it already is.

So there we go. Not much more to talk about once spring practice is done. We can dream about Gus Johnson calling a Tyreek Hill touchdown run, Daxx Garman spinning it, or Mike Yurcich going three games without calling a swing/screen pass. We can cross our fingers that the Cowboys don't have too many off the field issues...which we know will happen...or surprise injuries.

Maybe Tyreek Hill will sneak out more videos of himself.