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Oklahoma State PROjections: Tracy Moore

Oklahoma State's physical #2 receiver finally put together the season that he and his fans wanted. An All-Big 12 honorable mention, Tracy Moore has been a part of the new era at Oklahoma State. He now starts his new era, in the NFL.

Tracy Moore was the physical side to teammate Josh Stewart's speed.
Tracy Moore was the physical side to teammate Josh Stewart's speed.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The 2011-2012 season set the bar high for Tracy Moore. The Tulsa native hauled in over 650 receiving yards and four touchdowns in the Cowboys best year in school history. Easy to say that his expectations were to make a huge splash the next year and take his talents to the next level. That didn't happen though. Moore struggled with injury the following year and only played in four games. Those lofty expectations, were not met. Moore was allowed by the NCAA to earn a medical hardship waiver, and could play for this last, 2013-2014, season. The now healthy Moore, did not miss a beat from where he truly left off the year before.

Moore was initially scheduled to join the Green Bay Packers of the NFC after the 2014 NFL Draft concluded, but that changed in just a matter of days. Now, the former Cowboy wideout is competing for a job in the AFC, for the Cincinnati Bengals, a team that is known for its star receiver AJ Green. The Bengals, although having a superstar lining up at wide receiver, has a great amount of depth at the postion. That could raise some problems for Moore and his chances of making the squad.

Starting out with the rookie receivers that join Moore, the Bengals drafted one receiver and picked up two other free agents during and after the draft. Two of those receiver, James Wright the seventh round pick and Colin Lockett, are more than likely going to end up on special teams as returner options. Wright, a wideout from LSU, wasn't even a starter during his time with the Tigers. Wright was not even highly rated by scouts, and was seen by many as a free agent possibility or perhaps not even being a part of an NFL team at all.

The other receiver that the Bengals picked up was former Buffalo University receiver Alex Neutz. Neutz has solid size, and is a good two inches taller than Moore who comes in at 6'1''. Neutz also outweighs Moore by about 15 pounds. Those little things are huge when looking at an NFL receiver. This is especially true for a team that only has three of its receivers stand over 6'2''. The Bengals could use a little more size in their receiving core. Neutz could provide that, and that will raise a significant problem for Moore, because I only see one out of all these receivers being taken into the active roster.

Moore turned out to be a very solid receiver for Oklahoma State, with multiple overly successful seasons, but unfortunately there isn't one sole quality; size, speed, or playmaking ability, that separates him from the competition. Moore will definitely be in competition for a spot on the practice squad, but as for now, his initial arrival into the NFL may be delayed for a little bit. Moore should be able to get some touches though in the preseason to keep his name fresh on the Bengals coaches' minds.