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Oklahoma State PROjections: Charlie Moore

Charlie Moore was always a great safety valve for the Oklahoma State passing game. Moore had sure hands and was a fan favorite. Now Moore looks to make a Lions team that is known for its future hall of fame receiver.

Charlie Moore was constantly a safe receiving option for the Cowboys.
Charlie Moore was constantly a safe receiving option for the Cowboys.
Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

The inside receiver position in the NFL has become not only a high output position, but a high paying position too. With players like Wes Welker, Percy Harvin, and Victor Cruz being household names and being some of the highest paid players in the NFL, it is obvious that there is something about this position that separates itself from the others. It is a matter of elite speed, elite route running, and now as we're entering the spread offense era in the NFL, versatility.

Charlie Moore is a versatile athlete. He may not be what most scouts want to see in terms of versatility, but nevertheless, he is versatile. A former quarterback, Moore has the benefit of being a receiver that has the mind of a quarterback. That is what has aided players like Wes Welker and Randall Cobb in the NFL. Cobb was a quarterback at Kentucky, and Welker is regarded as one of the smartest receiver in the NFL.

As a receiver, Moore consistently ran clean routes, and had the surest of hands of the starting receivers on the team. Moore at the end of his career gained 1124 yards receiving on 77 catches. Eleven of those 77 receptions were touchdowns for Moore. One of Moore's greatest abilities while at OSU was gaining yards after the catch. Moore did take his fair share of deep receptions, but for the most part, as per the norm for his position, Moore hauled in catches on shorter patterns. That ability to gain yards after the catch, is what allowed Moore to have a career average of 14.6 yards per reception.

The Lions are deep at receiver. The team picked up Super Bowl winning wideout Golden Tate this offseason, who will likely become quarterback Matthew Stafford's number two target in the air, behind future NFL Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson. Still crazy to believe that a guy who isn't even halfway through his career in the NFL is already likely to make into Canton. It doesn't just stop there for the Lions receiving corps. Former Oklahoma Sooner standout Ryan Broyles is back healthy. Kris Durham who has been a pleasant surprise for the Lions, and has produced respectable numbers for the amount of snaps he took. Behind those four are four more receivers that are likely to be solidly in place for the next season. So consider the active roster receiving corps locked up.

Focusing on the practice squad, Moore will be competing against the likes of Naaman Roosevelt, Patrick Edwards, and Andrew Peacock. Roosevelt and Edwards are NFL journeymen and Peacock is a rookie from Appalachian State. Because of their experience Roosevelt and Edwards will make the practice squad so that they can give a good look to the Lions starting defense. Based off of size (Peacock is 5'9'') and speed, I will give the edge to Moore on making the practice squad. Moore may make the squad but by no means will that be guaranteed to continue. Moore was consistent with the Cowboys though, so there isn't any doubt in my mind that he'll become inconsistent at the next level.