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The Minnesota Vikings have signed Josh Cooper

It's shaping up to be a fantastic year for Coop. The first piece of good news came when the hell-hole that is the Cleveland Browns released Josh into free agency. Now we know where he's going to wind up.

Jamie Squire

The Minnesota Vikings have reportedly signed WR Josh Cooper after the Cleveland Browns released him last month. While in Cleveland Coop played in 11 total games and racked up 17 receptions for 166 yards and 11 first downs.

Josh was the second Oklahoma State star this year to escape the confines of misused talent, incompetent management, mediocre coaching, and an unrealistic fan base.

Brandon Weeden was rescued by the Dallas Cowboys to play along side Dez Bryant earlier in the year. The change of scenery has reportedly done Weeden well too.

Dez also had some nice things to say about how Weeden is coming along in Dallas. If Weeden can (and should) supplant Orton as backup, we could be just one ill play away from #Weeden2Bryant.

Hopefully Cooper enjoys the same success with improved surroundings.