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Early Lines For College Football's Biggest Games

The Golden Nugget has released their early lines for college football's most anticipated games and appear to be trolling the Longhorns.

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Ronald Martinez

There might not be any football, of the American variety anyway, but it's shaping up to be a pretty good sports day.  In the midst of an absolutely fantastic World Cup game between Spain and the Netherlands we got some honest to goodness college football news.

The Golden Nugget has released their early lines for their games of the year, including some involving the Cowboys.

Oklahoma State vs Florida State

The Seminoles are an early 17 point favorite for the showdown in Jerry World. Coincidentally, 17 is also the number of times it takes before you're absolutely sick of the War Chant. Only thing more over used in all of college football is Boomer Sooner. Seventeen is also the number of defensive players Glenn Spencer will have left to coach at the rate they're leaving.

Oklahoma State vs Texas Tech

Clint Chelf and his "getting away from the cops" speed has run out of eligibility, but the Pokes are still a 7 point favorite.  I'm not sure how you set a line on this game with so many unknowns. Maybe they just don't like Kingsbury's movie star good looks or his cool hipster demeanor, or maybe they just think Gundy uses better hair gel. At this point they're about as good of reasons as any.

Oklahoma State vs West Virginia

I'm not sure how college football's biggest games includes an expected 19 point shellacking by a team that's expected to finish in the middle of the conference, but at least the Pokes are the favorite. The couches in Morgantown look to be pretty safe this year.

Oklahoma State at Kansas State

K-State is favored by 3.5 because, you know, Bill Snyder.

Oklahoma State vs Texas

OSU is a 2 point favorite? At this point the Golden Nugget is straight trolling.

Oklahoma State at Baylor

Baylor is a 9 point favorite. This cannot happen. We saw what happened to the Baylor fan base when they took off the tarp. Can you imagine them with a shiny new stadium? Unbearable. The Pokes have to win.

Oklahoma State at Oklahoma

The Sooners stole one in Stillwater. Put a chip on their shoulder there's almost no one better, but they're no longer the hunters. At an 11 point favorite OU is once again the hunted, a position Stoops has yet to become completely comfortable with. Would love to see the Sooners come out looking like they'd rather be at a banquet eating spaghetti.

Golden Nugget - 2014 college football games of the year by Marcus DiNitto