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Donnie Walton and Conor Costello are among the four Cowboys who will be playing with the best college baseball players in the country this summer.


Freddie Prince Jr. and Jessica Biel portrayed a great heartfelt story of what can possibly happen when a 19-21 year-old baseball player, who is on the brink of beginning a professional career, gets sidetracked while playing in the Cape Cod league.

But that’s not the point here. The movie didn’t go into great detail about how phenomenal the talent is around the Cape Cod league.

Essentially, for collegiate baseball prospects, it’s equivalent to an NFL or NBA combine. There are 10 teams and a plethora of filthy 12-to-6 hooks and slide pieces to last you for quite some time. It’s not something that anyone and everyone can attend—it’s an honor to be invited to play. Basically, MLB is letting you know that you’re pretty good and as long as you continue down the path you’re on now, you’ll more than likely get drafted.

The summer time means the most to baseball players, coming from experience. It’s a time when you not only strive to get better and improve in every aspect of your game, but also work on the little things. Whether it’s a hitch in your swing, delivery, or just fundamentals, summer is when you hit things hard.

After a sour end to Oklahoma State’s baseball season, it’s safe to say the majority of OSU’s returning players will be pretty busy this summer. In fact, a few will be participating in this highly-touted league against top-notch competition.

Just ask Big 12 Player of the Year Zach Fish, who spent last summer with the Orleans Firebirds in the Cape Cod league. He hit .250 with two homeruns, 12 RBIs and six stolen bases.

Impressive? No, not at all.

But considering he was facing some of the best pitchers in the nation, I’m certain his 30 game span in the Cape helped him make some big adjustments, which he reaped the benefits of greatly.

Here is a breakdown of Cowboys on Cape Cod league rosters:

So. RHP Thomas Hatch: Bourne Braves

So. LHP/ OF Garrett Williams: Chatham Anglers

Jr. OF/RHP Conor Costello: Falmouth Commodores

Jr. SS Donnie Walton: Yardmouth-Dennis Red Sox

You may be surprised to not see more, but like I said, it’s the highest-of-high honors for a college baseball player to get invited. I’m shocked that a few more weren’t invited, but I guess that’s why I’m not a scout. It will be interesting to see how they not only do this summer, but the adjustments they make a year from now.

I expect Walton to have the best numbers out of this group because of his experience and his approach at the plate—stays inside the ball and hits to the opposite field well. Costello, is way too talented to not be on the bump. Maybe he explores that option more this summer, maybe not.

Williams and Hatch are the future arms of the program. The talent is most definitely there, but can they make the necessary adjustments to compete at an extremely high level on a regular basis is what we will see.

Hopefully Jessica Biel isn't waiting on them in the northeast.