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Oklahoma State Basketball Recruiting: Nick Rogers Offered

2015 Point Guard prospect Nick Rogers was offered by the Oklahoma State coaching staff today. Rogers is considered a top-10 player in Indiana, and has numerous offers. Is there a future for Rogers in a Cowboy uniform?

Nick Rogers is the fifth point guard to be offered by Oklahoma State for the 2015 class.
Nick Rogers is the fifth point guard to be offered by Oklahoma State for the 2015 class.

Analysis: Nick Rogers has a lot of bounce for a player that is hovering just over 6'0''. It wouldn't be the first time that a guard with a lot of bounce would take the floor for the Cowboys, but Rogers definitely has the potential to be an aerial assault. The biggest part of Rogers game that is noticed from his film is his ability to penetrate into the paint and then make the short dishes, typically in mid-air, to a post player for the easy lay in for two. That type of play showcases the level of vision of the floor that Rogers has and his athleticism to make decisions while hanging in the air. Seen a lot of great passing from the guard position at OSU in the last few years, and it is evident that Rogers could continue that trend. One thing that is concerning is Rogers lack of jump shooting from any range. I'm not sure if he's not comfortable with his shot or if he just wants to will himself into the paint all the time, but to succeed at the point guard position in the Big 12, you must be able to be a multi-tool player. If Rogers does have a solid shot, that he for some reason just neglects to cultivate, I'll feel a little better. It is obvious that the coaching staff is going to look for "the next Marcus Smart" because the staff is offering point guards that provide those same skill sets that Smart offered on the court. We may never see another point guard though at OSU that encompasses all of those attributes rolled into one. Rogers is a solid Division 1 level point guard with some good pieces to his game, but I want to see more of his shooting game and perimeter defense before I say that he will be a great fit for the Cowboys.

Rankings: Top 200 Player Nationally, Top 50 PG Nationally, Top 10 Player in Indiana, Top 5 PG in Indiana

Impact: Nick Rogers would be a player that would develop (hopefully) under Ford and his staff and could be a player that blossoms in his upperclassman years. Could show some signs of promise early on, but not anything that will change the course of a season for the Cowboys. Would provide some quality depth though. Role player that grows into his position as he progresses.