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Former Oklahoma State pitcher Andrew Heaney made his major league debut Thursday night, allowing one earned run through six innings.

Rob Foldy

When every kid begins playing baseball, the primary goal is obviously to have fun, but the bigger picture is the bigs, or major leagues. Throughout the years thousands of kids never make it, especially first-round draft picks, some of who get lost in the transition between minor league divisions.

Not Andrew Heaney.

Sporting No 25,  the former Oklahoma State southpaw took the field for his first major league appearance since being drafted in the first round in 2012 by the Miami Marlins. You can imagine the energy that was pumping through his body as he grabbed the ball and stepped on the rubber to warm up. Due to injuries at the big league level, Heaney got the start against the New York Mets at Marlins Park.

Heaney is the most recent Cowboy to reach the majors since Jordy Mercer got called up with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2012-- the same year that Heaney was drafted by the Marlins.

Aside from a David Wright home run in the top of the first inning, Heaney served the Mets' lineup with an array of pitches with movement and consistent placement. Through his six innings he allowed four hits (including the Wright HR), issued one walk and struck out three.

It was a great first start for Heaney, who breezed through the minors in two seasons. Although he ended up taking the loss, there is ground to build on. Look for him to continue to grow and end the season on a high-note. It may be early, but I think he'll prove his worth in Miami and earn a spot in the rotation. He's not going back to minors.

Welcome to the show, Andrew.