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Oklahoma State Football Recruiting: Za'Carrius Green Commits

Mike Gundy sent out the "Pistols Firing" tweet again this afternoon, as the Cowboys claimed another prospect for the 2015 class. Za'Carrius Green is from Duncanville, Texas and has several D1 offers. Let's look at what makes Green a wanted man.

Za'Carrius Green's commitment makes eight so far for the 2015 class.
Za'Carrius Green's commitment makes eight so far for the 2015 class.

Za'Carrius Green stands at 5'11'' and weighs 195lbs. Green is considered as high as a three-star prospect, with his primary position being outside linebacker. With Green's frame and speed though, this could translate well to Green being a strong safety collegiately. Oklahoma State is not the first Big 12 school to show interest in Green. Iowa State and Kansas offered Green earlier in his recruitment and Oklahoma has also shown interest in him, but has yet to offer. Would not be surprised if the Sooners offer soon though, with their arch rivals now holding a commitment from the Duncanville native. With the Cowboys offer, Green's offer sheet increased to six. Other offers included schools like Iowa, Louisiana Tech, and North Texas. Green has garnered attention but no offers from Alabama and LSU. Green has had camps this spring where he has been one of the top players. Most notably at the Dallas NFL Prep 100 camp back in April. During that camp, Green put on a show during the 7-on-7 period where he finished the day with two pass breakups and an interception. Remember, Green was camping as a linebacker, not a safety. Green was the MVP of the Next Level Athlete Top 100 Showcase in February.

Taking a look at Green's film there are a couple of things that stick out. Green is a very good coverage linebacker, a player that can cover the flat and even drop back into the deeper thirds. Green's speed is solid for the position. Green reports a 4.5 40 time, which is good for either linebacker or safety position. Green is a turnover-creator, which works well with Oklahoma State's defensive style over the past five years or so. Green has active hands and has the ability to intercept the ball and strip the football away from the ball carrier. There are great examples of both in the film above. Green is a fairly hard hitter too. Green likes contact will try to de-cleat opponents if possible. This is also the area of concern that I have with Green's game. Green may be a great hitter but with his current size, he will not be able to do that sort of thing at Oklahoma State, and also, that style of defending is just a bad habit to be forming. Glenn Spencer is a fundamentals guy so that should be shaped up but for now, I'd like to see more fundamental tackling from Green. Green needs to bulk up some if he intends to stay at linebacker, which is what it is sounding like will happen. That weight gain will come though once he gets on campus a year from now. Now that Green has effectively ended his recruitment, all of his attention can be shifted over to the upcoming Duncanville season.