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Countdown: Top 10 BPS Turf Moments (2005-2013) - Honorable Mentions

A lof of memorable moments have been had in Boone Pickens Stadium. A lot of those memories were made on the same turf that was just replaced this summer. Let's look back at some of the best memories that took place on that surface.

  1. Although our first honorable mention did not take place on the playing surface of Boone Pickens Stadium, one of the most memorable Oklahoma State football moments was what somes fans would call, "Earthquake Face." ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit was in the middle of speaking during the wrap-up after the Cowboys thrilling win over Kansas State on 11/5/2011, when one of Oklahoma's famous earthquakes hit. The face Kirk would make, would be placed in the annals of meme history. Kirk's infamous expression would be seen on broadcasts of College Gameday's and over countless message boards. All of this culminated in a massive display of Kirk's face when Gameday came into town this last season for the Baylor "game."

  2. Our next two memorable moments are those that most Cowboy fans would like to forget, the first of these being the infamous "Phantom Fumble" against Texas in 2012. That game is one of my favorite OSU games, and it is the only one that I would say that about, in a losing fashion. The Cowboys and Horns had been engaged in a shootout, and it was coming down to whoever had the ball last would likely win. Well, luck was on the side of the Longhorns as they marched right down the field in the closing moments of the game and had an opportunity to win the game. What would happen next would unfurl a comedy of misfortunes for the Cowboys. Remember, this is also the game that the Big 12 basically placed a gag-order on the Paddle People, limiting when and how long the Paddlers could paddle without drawing a flag. The play was 2nd & Goal, ball on the 2 yard line. Joe Bergeron took the handoff from David Ash and dove for the goal line into a giant scrum at the half inch mark. During live play, what occurred in that pile was unknown and it appeared to the officials that Bergeron crossed the plane to score the go ahead touchdown, the score that would be the final score of the game and would give the Longhorns victory. Of course though, all scoring plays go to review. By replay it appeared that Bergeron had lost possession of the football in the pile and Cowboy safety Daytawion Lowe had recovered, but as all Cowboy fans remember, that wasn't enough for the officials to overturn the call and that ended up being the nail in the Cowboys coffin. The Big 12 would later issue an apology for their mistake, but that doesn't put a "W" on the board and honestly that apology would infuriate fans even more. This moment was not a great one in the Gundy Era.

  3. Our last honorable mention moment is another that Cowboy fans would like to forget. There were a lot of individual moments in this game, but the 2013 Bedlam matchup will be remembered for what happened at the end of the contest and not what happened during. Yes there were scoring plays that shouldn't have happened, interceptions that should have been called, but the ugly scene at the end will be the moment that not just the fans of the two heated rivals will remember, but the entire college football world. Again, it is Bedlam, stuff just happens during Bedlam, but the hateful nature was brought to a new level. First let's look at what OSU did that was so infamous. There were turkey legs, Bailey's liquor bottles, and other foreign objects pelting the field as the OU players taunted the student section. I was in that section being a Paddle Person and I am glad to say that no Paddle Person took part in that embarrassing moment. We had cheerleaders trying to trip OU linebackers, you saw it all in this game. OU wasn't a group of innocent bystanders though. I personally was verbally assaulted by Charles Tapper and Coach, yes that is right, Coach Jay Norvell. Norvell flipping me off will be ever imprinted my mind. There was a lot of ignorance that day, but it was on both sides. Again, not exactly a memory that Oklahoma State fans wanted to have.