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NBA Draft: Best Fits for Markel Brown

Markel Brown is one of the best Cowboy basketball players in recent memory. His progression from his freshman year to now is a day to night difference. Now he looks to take the next step in his basketball progression. Where does Brown fit in the NBA?

Markel Brown may end up being one of the steals in this year's NBA Draft.
Markel Brown may end up being one of the steals in this year's NBA Draft.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

When Oklahoma State fans think about Markel Brown, what typically comes to mind are words like, "human-highlight-reel," "exciting," "dynamic." Those words have been descriptive of Brown since he first came to Stillwater in seems like an eternity ago. Now Brown has completed his time as a Cowboy and looks to make a living doing what he does best. Basketball. In the NBA though just like all other professional sports leagues in America, there is always a chance that a player will end up on a squad that isn't cohesive to that players skills. A player like Brown has the potential to be successful in the NBA, but there are certain organizations that seem to be better fits than others. Just based off of style of play, some of these teams won't be a surprise, as a landing spot for the high-flying Brown.

These teams are in no particular order, for they each represent very different opportunities for Brown to excel.

  1. Los Angeles Clippers: Does this even need an explanation? Yes, there is more to this being a great fit other than the "LobStilly" product joining forces with "LobCity." The Clippers are a high octane team that uses its bench fully. The pace that the Clippers use would be something that Brown would be very comfortable in. Not every player can work in that "Run 'n' Gun" system. This last season, sixth man guard Jamal Crawford won the NBA Sixth Man of the Year award. With the exception of a few inches, Brown reminds me a lot of a still raw defensively Crawford. Brown would provide more depth for their guards, and could run from either the point or the two guard. Problem though is that Brown would probably be sent to the D-League at first, with the Clippers having six guards currently signed to deals of two years or more. That would mean that Brown could be in the D-League for maybe even two years. It is unfortunate that the immediate need isn't there. Otherwise, this would be the number one destination for sure, for Brown.
  2. Houston Rockets: Now a team that could be a great fit for Brown is Houston. Houston just needs to do one thing for me to feel more comfortable about this landing spot. There have been talks as most have seen about the Rockets looking to acquire either Carmelo Anthony, or even now as he just today opted out, Lebron James. The pawns in that move to bring in those players are guard Jeremy Lin and center Omer Asik. If Lin is no longer on that roster, the opportunity for Brown is wide open. The Rockets don't utilize their bench as much, using mainly a eight or maybe even nine man rotation. I see Brown being able to become the reserve combo guard and be on the floor with James Harden with Harden running the point. With no Lin there isn't an immediate reserve point guard that the Rockets would likely feel comfortable throwing in the fire.
  3. Phoenix Suns: Phoenix may be the place for Brown in the most realistic fashion. The Suns first round pick is probably too high for them to take Brown that early, but if Brown is able to stick around to the middle of the second round, the Suns will be in for a real treat. The Suns will lose guards P.J. Tucker and Leandro Barbosa, and could even lose their star combo guard Eric Bledsoe in free agency if the price is right somewhere else. Obviously Brown is not going to fill the role of Bledsoe but there is a lot of room for Brown to get into the rotation. This team is also a very athletic team and their style of play has exemplified that. They are able to slash and then shoot from distance. That is exactly what I see Brown being able to succeed at in the NBA.