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NBA Draft: Best Fits for Marcus Smart

What a ride it was for those that watched Marcus Smart in an OSU uniform. There was hope, there was anguish, there was at times even frustration. There was one thing that remained, he was one hell of a player for the Pokes. Now he's off to the NBA.

Marcus Smart should be one of the top ten players taken Thursday.
Marcus Smart should be one of the top ten players taken Thursday.
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot places that Marcus Smart could end up by the time Thursday's NBA Draft has come and gone. That is just part of the territory when a player is at the lottery-pick echelon of talent. Smart could go as high as top three or even flirt with being on the outside of the top ten picks. That seems unlikely though as most pundits either have Smart being the number one or number two point guard available in the entire draft. So, which team's hat will Smart be donning Thursday night in New York City?

  1. Boston Celtics: With the Celtics, there is one big question. Will Rajon Rondo be a part of that team by the time the draft concludes? If the Celtics take Smart, that should signal the end of Rondo's time in Boston. Smart would then become the lead man at point for the C's. There have been talks about Rondo being a part of a trade that would bring Kevin Love into Boston. That would be a huge asset for the rookie point guard, on a team that does not have many pieces currently. Adding Love would take a huge part of the initial load off of Smart. The other course of action will be a trade that could bring in Klay Thompson on board to Boston. Again, not a bad player to help a rookie get his feet wet in the league with. I'd still take the Love option more. Whatever trade does happen, this isn't the worst nor the best landing spot for Smart. It is the most likely though.
  2. Orlando Magic: Orlando definitely has more pieces than Boston, but they don't have a star. Could Smart be that star that the Magic haven't had since Dwight Howard left town. Smart would be a great compliment to Orlando's 2013 first round pick Victor Oladipo. Orlando is also one of the youngest teams in the NBA so their woes may subside as their experience as unit increases. Also, as it can be said for three of Smart's potential homes, playing in the Eastern Conference has its benefits of playing lesser opponents and being able to get playoff experience much easier than it would be in the Western Conference.
  3. Philadelphia 76ers: This is a weird landing spot. Just weird. The Sixers already have NBA Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams as their point guard, but some say that the Sixers would like to take another point guard with either Marcus Smart or other top prospect Dante Exum from Australia. The only way I can register this idea is either that since MCW is such a scoring weapon, that they could move him to the two guard. He definitely has the length to do so. So if the Sixers are looking to acquire a "true point guard" my guess they won't draft Smart and they'll take Exum. Then again, anything is possible in the NBA Draft, hell maybe they'll trade MCW and then the Sixers will actually need a point guard. Part of me is joking there.
  4. Los Angeles Lakers: Ah yes, the spot I would personally love Smart to land. Marcus would thrive in LA in my opinion. Here's the best part about the Lakers, he would get to learn how the league works with one of the best to ever lace it up in the league in Kobe Bryant. The Lakers also have the money so they have the potential of bringing in more stud players. They have been linked to the Kevin Love and Klay Thompson trades, much like the Celtics have. Oh and did I mention that Steve Nash is on that team too. Smart would have some of the best teachers and level heads in the league surrounding him. If only Phil Jackson were still there too, then we could go ahead and start making large assumptions about Smart's career.
  5. Sacramento Kings: Then there are the Kings. The ugly step child of the NBA. The team that hasn't been good since Peja Stojakovic, Mike Bibby, and Doug Christie were on the roster. The Kings do have one of the better big men in the league with Boogie Cousins. This would be a contrast though to the Lakers. Cousins is one of the biggest problem children in the NBA and not saying that Cousins would automatically bring out Smart's questionable qualities, but when one surrounds themselves with unlikeable characters, they too can become unlikeable. Also, the Kings are in that perpetual Cleveland Browns way off operating, so for Smart's career in mind, I do hope that isn't where he ends up. Again though, anything can happen in the draft, even bad things.