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2014 WORLD CUP GAMETHREAD: United States vs Germany

Just a little match with nothing on the line except making it through to the knockout round of the World Cup.


Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Pretty simple really.

A draw and everybody is happy.

Lose, and I think the US is out.

Don't let the drama in Ghana's camp fool you (two players kicked off the team), they will be playing for their lives today. Given Portugal's position, and I've said this before, should Ghana jump out with an early goal the Portuguese could easily close up shop and Ghana could put 2-3 goals on the board.

If the US loses and Ghana wins, the first tie-breaker is goal differential. The US is +2 over Ghana, so this will be a tie at the least (US lose by 1, Ghana wins by 1). Either of those numbers flip to 2 and the US is gone.

The second tie-breaker is total goals scored. The US has 4, Ghana 3. Getting nervous yet?

We love the third tie-breaker, which is head to head. The US beat Ghana.

I'm all for a game of hacky sack breaking out in the midfield today.

If that's not going to happen, and both coaches have said as much, then the back line and Howard, along with Bradley, will need to have one of their best performances ever to handle probably the most lethal attacking group in the tournament.

I'm hoping that this is all square after about 70 minutes, then winks and nods are passed around and we all can get a happy night's sleep.