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Marcus Smart Goes to the Celtics

Well, it happened with the 6th overall pick, Marcus Smart was put on the board. The Celtics now have two point guards and it looks like Rajon Rondo is on the outs. Our friends over at CelticsBlog have some in-depth analysis of the pick as well.

Marcus Smart walks across the stage and starts a new chapter.
Marcus Smart walks across the stage and starts a new chapter.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Well, get the countdown going. The Rajon Rondo Era in Boston is about to be over. Now the Marcus Smart Era begins in Boston. Smart won't be donning the green and white #33 (I wonder why), but maybe he could go with #43 like he did when Ford & Co. forgot his jersey going to Lubbock.

There is already a lot of good talk about Smart saying that he might be one of the most complete packages going into year one of his NBA career. Smart will have a lot to live up to taking over for Rondo, but with the Celtics shopping Rondo likely, look for Kevin Love to be making the trip to Boston very soon. The Celtics have done pretty well with great basketball playing white guys being the center of their team right? Thought so.

Check out the piece that the guys over at CelticsBlog did on Smart and what impact he can have early on.

Here's Travis Ford commenting on Smart, courtesy of Campus Insiders: