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Marcus Smart Works Out For Lakers...Could He Land In L.A.?

Former Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart joined several other draft prospects at a workout in Los Angeles. He is rumored to be high on the Lakers draft board, but will they need to make a move to get him?

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Smart and the Los Angeles Lakers seem like a match made in heaven. The Lakers are a veteran team that are in desperate need of young talent, especially at the point-guard position. Smart going to the Lakers isn't just a guess, it is something that is expected from most NBA scouts. Heading to Los Angeles could wind up being the most ideal situation for Smart.

Steve Nash is aging and obviously not the player he once was, but he is still going to be the starter no matter who the Lakers draft. If Smart slips to #7 he will be a steal, and would get to learn from one of the best point-guards in NBA history. Clearly Smart would be the point-guard of the future in L.A., and even he believes that he would be a perfect fit there.

He talked about the possibility of landing with the Lakers with Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News. Smart said,

"They’re looking for a point guard and somebody who can come in and man that team and take control. That’s the type of person I am. I’m a leader and I feel like it would be a perfect fit."

The only issue is will he be available for them to draft. He has been projected as high #5 to the Jazz, and most mock drafts have him going right before the Lakers at #6 to the Celtics. If the Lakers really want to select their ball handler of the future in Marcus Smart they might have to make a move and jump up a few spots.

If the former Cowboy is passed on by the Lakers don't expect him to last much longer then that. In fact, it wouldn't  come as a surprise if Marcus Smart was selected #8 by the Sacramento Kings. The Kings love his versatility at the 1 and 2 spots and could build a dominating back-court of Isaiah Thomas and Smart.

Where Marcus Smart will wind up in the NBA draft is a bit of a mystery. As of right now, the Lakers are the only team announcing to the public that they have serious interest in him. His maturity level is certainly a question after his incident against Texas Tech, and that could cause him to slip in the draft.

Regardless of which team Smart ends up with, he is going to make a huge impact. At 6'4' and 220 lbs, Smart will be able to play at both guard positions which will make him a versatile weapon. In all likelihood he will be picked between #6-#9. If it wasn't for a stacked draft class Marcus Smart could easily be a top 3 pick. Depending on how his workout goes with the Lakers, we might soon find out how serious they are about drafting the former Big 12 conference player of the year.