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World Cup 2014: My One Plea To This Country

The World Cup run has now ended for the boys in the red, white and blue. Now it is expected for soccer to return to the lower sphere of American sports interest. I beg Americans to rethink their decision.

Tim Howard had a brilliant match against Belgium, even in defeat.
Tim Howard had a brilliant match against Belgium, even in defeat.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

My fellow Americans, (Insert preferable president's voice and delivery) I have one plea for you as the United States make their exit from the 2014 World Cup. Stay onboard. For those that watched, we all most likely said, "I believe that we will win," and just because our boys have finally been ousted doesn't mean we have to stop believing (Cue Journey). Although this team won't play together enough to constitute a consistent following by all, there are plenty of ways to support the men that have fought with their hearts on their sleeve.

A lot of our boys have moved back to the MLS, not because it is easier competition, but to cultivate a great following within our nation. Yes there are still guys that play overseas but there are guys that you don't have to wake up early in the morning or stay up extra late to watch.

US Men's National Team Players in MLS:

Seattle Sounders: Clint Dempsey and DeAndre Yedlin - Obviously people love "Captain America" Dempsey, but we were introduced to a new name this World Cup. DeAndre Yedlin. Yedlin is one of the bright stars of American soccer and boy should we be glad that US Head Man Jurgen Klinsmann decided to go young with his roster. Yedlin was a gem when he stepped out on the pitch and he may be a new star for new fans to cling to, until the squad travels to Moscow in 2018.

Sporting Kansas City: Graham Zusi and Matt Besler - Two very pleasant surprises in this World Cup. Zusi was solid in the post-Altidore era of the 2014 World Cup. He created several great opportunities off of corners to score. Besler over time, became the most consistent defender for the US side in the tournament. These two are good examples of Klinsmann's ability to find talent and allow it to develop on the field. Sporting is also a championship side in the MLS.

Toronto FC: Michael Bradley - Boy is Michael Bradley an aggravating player to watch. Much like a Clint Chelf. Shows great promise, and ability to perform at a very high level, and then as soon as the promise is there, the bottom falls out and the questions start flowing. Bradley should now go back to fine form after this rough spell, but what does it matter if it's just on club level. At any rate, Oklahoma State fans may enjoy watching this player since they can relate to him pretty well.

US Men's National Team Players Overseas:

Bayern Munich: Julian Green - Get in on this kid while we're early. He's 19 and he already has as many goals as Cristiano Ronaldo. That is more in jest to Ronaldo, but I digress. Green is still one of the bright young stars in US soccer, and another one of the US-German military base players that is benefitting from growing up in Europe. Green is also on one of the world's great club teams in Bayern Munich, so not only will you get the opportunity to watch this great young player, but also be able to watch a championship side.

Everton: Tim Howard - This man won some fans today. His valiant effort and legendary one at that will be remembered for a long time by US soccer fans. Howard has been around for a while, having the second most appearances of any USMNT players. Howard has played with some of the top players in the world in his time as a professional. He may be on the downslope of his career but his Everton side is a competitive side, but isn't necessarily a trophy competitor. Last season Belgium's superstar Romelu Lukaku, yes the same one that wreaked havoc today, was one of Howard's teammates while on loan from Chelsea.

Sunderland: Jozy Altidore - It was unfortunate that the US star went down in game one and never was able to see any action after that. That all being said, Altidore is still a great player to watch. Altidore hasn't had a great career as a club player, but hopefully there will be a breakthrough with him in the coming seasons so that he can climb up the ladder in the EPL. The US needs a player to be at the highest level of club play and right now, it will either be Altidore or Julian Green. Jozy is great player, now he's the face with Dempsey getting older.