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CRFF 2014 PREDICTIONS: Positive, Negative, and a few Surprises

We finish up our prognostications for this season with some thoughts on what might...or might not...happen.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Let's start with the positives...

"Nobody in the conference can guard our outstanding receivers. Seales and Ateman provide too much size and athleticism, while the speed of Samples and Tyreek Hill gut defenses from the backfield and slot. JW Walsh looks like a quarterback with these guys to throw to. The defense proves to be sufficient while the Pokes win 9 games. The experience is gone, but the overall talent upgrade provided by improved recruiting buoys the Cowboys to a top 3 defense in the B12."

"Oklahoma State drops it's opener but goes on a nine game winning streak before losing its last two, finishing at 9-3 and wins their bowl game."

"Oklahoma State drops it's opener but goes on a seven game winning streak before losing its next and finishes the season on a 1-3 slide, finishing at 8-4 and winning their bowl game."

"Mason Rudolph hasn't been arrested yet. I have great seats this year, now I'm out of the student section and in old folks Ville. Get off my lawn."

"1. The inexperienced, severely depleted linebacking corp holds the line and the defense ranks in top 3 of B12 in rush defenses. 2. Cliche, but Tyreek ends up with Tavon Austin type numbers on the year, more than 2,000 all purpose (includes return game, receiving, and rushing)."

"The Cowboys will find their footing in the Yurcich offense and stick with JW all year. Not being tempted to switch Quarterbacks will create much needed stability in the offense. JW will run his way into the Cowboy record books, beating Zac Robinson's 847 rushing yards in 2007. We'll be saying 'Hill for Heisman', but since his catching and rushing yards will be split the numbers won't pop out to analysts the way they do to OSU fans."

"1. There's always next year 2. The WR corps will be the envy of the league. 3. Assuming a healthy OL (incl. Devin Davis), the run game should be improved in obvious, short-yardage situations."

"JW Walsh becomes a quality quarterback, the best QB season performance since Weeden was here. The young defense doesn't matter and the team performs just as well as last season. In Glenn Spencer we trust."

"1) team will finish 8-4 and earn their 9th straight bowl berth 2) the defense will finish top 20 in points given up per game in the country."

"Ryan Simmons is First Team All-Big 12 on Defense"

"The DEs, led by Emmanuel Ogbah and Jimmy Bean, will lead the league in sacks."

"Bob Connelly will put together a surprisingly good line, and our rushing numbers will be much better than last year."

"If OSU sticks to their running game, Hill and Desmond Roland could give the Cowboys the best backfield in the Big 12, which could see Hill ending the season as the conference's best newcomer of the year."

"OSU will win 10 games and Walsh will start every game."

"Tyreek Hill will make us forget about Justin Gilbert."

"J.W. Walsh will be the most efficient QB in the Big 12."

"Improved recruiting shows its teeth on defense. Not as good as last year, but maybe someone holds onto a late interception against OU."

"We find out that Daxx Garman does indeed exist (because Walsh struggles), and he is the product of a love triangle between Weeden, Gundy, and Robinson."

Let's move to the negative...

"1. Life without Wickline is as difficult as expected. Consecutive years without 1,000 rushers will be hard to swallow and the blame will lay on an inexperienced offensive line with coaching that only a coach who accepted a position at Georgia Southern could provide. 2. Walsh still can't throw outside of the hashes, leading to Mason Rudolph pulling off his redshirt to round off the first true rebuilding year in Stillwater in a while."

"Oklahoma State goes 2-1 but has a poor conference showing only winning five games and ending their season at 7-5, making a bad bowl."

"Oklahoma State goes 2-1 but finishes worse in conference, going 6-6 on the year."

"Mason Rudolph could be arrested before the season starts. Great seats are very expensive. My lawn is made of pot."

"We'll open the season with a loss to Florida State and close it with a loss to OU. The defense will have it's troubles and will be over-matched for the big games. At least they will be good enough to get us to a bowl game. Our kicking/punting won't be a lick better than last year. Grogan will continue his kicking woes, until replaced. Kip Smith will shank a punt so bad in the first 6 games that you'll be scared to even look at the game every time he punts in the second half."

"1. Opposing teams will exploit our lack of depth and experience at linebacker to produce multiple "busted" plays per game. 2. Given the team's schedule and inexperience, the 2014 season could potentially be Gundy's 2nd worst as head coach. 3. JW Walsh and/or Tyreek Hill won't finish the season due to injury."

"1. The defense will struggle tremendously with the loss of Justin Gilbert and Caleb Lavey. If the defense wants to help out the offense, than somebody will have to step up as a leader. 2. Unfortunately, OSU will drop another Bedlam Rivalry Game in Norman this year..."

"Bob Connelly is no Joe Wickline."

"We still have headaches from Lego man. Too much second guessing ourselves on offense and not using the bread and butter that wins OSU, football games. Tyreek Hill will have a great year, but it won't be able to match the hype and some fans are going to disappointed for no reason."

"1) the team will lose to Texas and rival OU...again. 2) the offense won't finish in the top 65 in the country in ppg."

"We discover that Daxx Garman does indeed exist (because Walsh is injured), and that he is the second coming of Alex Cate. Rudolph is forced to burn his redshirt for "Lunt Reloaded: The Sequel."

"Turns out all of Tyreek Hill's apparent speed is because he was playing against pee wee football teams. He's actually slower than Desmond Roland."

"If you thought Bill Young's defenses gave up too many yards, prepare yourselves. The inexperienced back seven will be more like swiss cheese than Hoover Dam."

Now, for some surprises...

"Either Mason Rudolph or Daxx Garman will start more games than J.W. Walsh."

"We'll have a new go-to downfield pass that will actually work 80% of the time and it won't be the flea flicker or TE down the seam."

"Gundy's hair will look worse than normal. Like really bad."

"Blake Webb jerseys will be best-sellers next year."

"LEGO-guy will earn his first raise at OSU."

"If AT&T Stadium is closed on opening day, then Mike Gundy will pull out the 'Pistol Pete' black hoodie for the big game against the defending national champions. (Hash tag: good luck charm)"

"Whoever picks off Jameis Winston in week 1, Glenn Spencer treats to a crab leg dinner."

"Rashaad Samples is faster than Tyreek Hill."

"J.W. Walsh doesn't throw an interception prior to the month of October."

"Daxx Garman will throw the longest TD pass this season, and it will be beautiful."


"The Diamond formation becomes the norm."

"Marcell Ateman doesn't start."

"Gundy goes 'untucked' all season."

"Oklahoma State Athletics grants media credentials to CRFF and Pistols Firing. (you did say 'surprises,' right?)"

[drops mic, walks away]