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15 Bold Predictions for Oklahoma State Football in 2014

While my comrades at CRFF were putting together an extensive list of predictions for the upcoming season, it just wasn't enough for me. Actually, if we post enough of these things we're bound to get at least one right...

Stacy Revere


1. David Glidden

Right out of the gate, I’ll start with something crazy: David Glidden will return a punt for a touchdown this season. You read that right. In the past, Glidden has struggled with punt returns. David Glidden has arguably been my #1 source of stress when it comes to Cowboy football and punt returns, and for these particular reasons: he often bobbles the football or decides to field punts that most would deem unsafe. Even with his struggles, we must deal with the fact that Charlie Moore is gone and it is now Glidden’s time to shine. Tyreek Hill is in town, but I think Glidden gets a shot at this.

2. Daxx Garman

Guaranteed, he will play against at least one Big 12 opponent, and no, it won’t be because of injury or blowout. Daxx Garman is a very interesting subject when it comes to Oklahoma State football. Why? Because we all know who he is, except, we don’t. All we have is a short video of one of his beautiful deep balls and a couple of snaps at the spring social/practice/game. Garman hasn’t played a game since his junior year of high school. That was in 2009, five years ago. Garman is due, and whether you admit it or not, something inside you doesn’t trust Walsh. Something inside you wants to see the underdog come out and tear it up. Garman will play.

3. Devon Thomas

He will be cut from the OSU roster, but not for the reasons you think. Whenever there is an elephant in the room, be polite and introduce them. Our elephant is Devon Thomas. As you may know, Thomas is facing allegations of armed robbery and shooting with intent to kill. Now that you’re done scrolling to the top of the page to double check that you are, in fact, on CRFF and not Crimson and Cream Machine, allow me to elaborate. All of us are shocked that he is still on the roster, considering that the news of this dropped nearly a month ago. If he isn’t off the team now, something tells me he won’t be gone in August. When Thomas is kicked off the team, it won’t be for the charges listed above, but for a smaller crime. Stealing from a teammate, sexual assault, etc. He’s gone by mid-October.

4. The defense will score before the offense.

Picture it now: Kevin Peterson picks off Jameis Winston and takes it to the house on the first drive of the season.

5. Ben Grogan will win us a game this year.

Imagine this one however you’d like. I prefer a 52 yard FG to beat FSU 38-35. I would choose OU, but I don’t want to beat them by a field goal, something I’ll elaborate on later.

6. Jhajuan Seales...

...will solidify himself as the next great receiver at Oklahoma State. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about him tells me that he has monster potential.

7. Ryan Simmons

Big 12 defensive player of the year. He’ll have a pair of interceptions, a few forced fumbles, and will lead the Oklahoma State defense in all categories except for sacks and INTs.

8. Tyreek Hill

Mark it down...Big 12 newcomer of the year. I think this is the guy that everyone is most excited about. So much speed and so many ways of utilizing him. He’ll be a key part in assisting Robinson 2.0 or Weeden 1.5.


1. Gundy will not wear a visor until he has worn the phantom Pete pullover.

Crazy? Yes. Do I believe it? Absolutely. I say he wears both against West Virginia.

2. Mike Yurcich will solidify his job as offensive coordinator.

Diamond. Diamond. Diamond. Diamond. Diamond. Diamond. Did I mention the diamond formation? Seriously, in the last half of the season last year, the offense really picked up. You can credit Chelf, Roland, or if you’re a conspiracy theorist, Wickline. I believe the credit should go to Yurcich. The early struggles were just a rough transition from Division II.

3. Glenn Spencer will cry in a post-game interview.

"These men...oh these blessed men...they bought in and they fought for the man next to them. I always tell them to play for the man standing next to them, and they did that tonight. I am so proud of these men...they’re my second proud." –Glenn Spencer after stopping Baylor on three straight plays inside the two yard line to win the game.

4. Gundy won’t cut his hair between UTSA & the bowl game.

He’s going to look like a porcupine and it’s going to be great.


1. Oklahoma State will not lose a game at home.

I actually don’t know how "bold" this is. The Cowboys play Missouri State, UTSA, Texas Tech, Iowa State, West Virginia, and Texas at home. Texas and Texas Tech (Thursday night) are the teams that would give us trouble. Either way, it doesn’t seem completely out of the question that we’d go undefeated at home.

2. The Cowboys will beat OU.

Not only is Oklahoma State going to beat OU, it is going to be a blowout. The Sooners are going to come into this game so cocky. They’ll be fired up for a sold-out home crowd, but it won’t be enough. Gundy finally pulls it together and coaches a miraculous 48-20 blowout.

3. The Oklahoma State Cowboys will win the 2014 Big 12 Championship.

Yep, you read that right.

Whether it be J.W. Walsh or Daxx Garman, this team is going to somehow string together something special. It may not be the prettiest run, but it’s going to be a blast and I cannot wait.