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In honor of OSU Athletics' "Five Questions," "How I Got Here," and "Loyal & True," PFB and CRFF decided to put each other through the same rigorous Q&A faced by the athletes, and see if we could match the "depth" and "unpredictability" of their responses.

Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle and I did a little back and forth via email, and it started with me.

KYLE PORTER, PFB: How did you get to CRFF?

ROBERT WHETSELL, CRFF: I guess you could call me a "walk-on." CRFF gave me a chance. I made the right choice.

Who gave you the idea for Pistols Firing?

KP: My parents. They gave me a lot of ideas as a kid. I look up to them a lot. They are good people.

What are your goals for CRFF?

RW: To get better at the little things, like punctuation.

What are your goals this summer?

KP: My goals this summer are to learn some more words and just keep getting better.

What's your favorite CRFF memory?

RW: When my first post got it's first pageview. I'll remember that forever.

What's you favorite thing about being a blogger?

KP: My favorite thing about being a blogger is how close I am to my blog mates. There's a bond there that no message board or Instagram post could separate.

When did you actually start blogging?

RW: In 2011 I started, but I was a "sports talker" from way back in the day of the rotary dial phones.

Who was your biggest influence?

KP: Probably Bill Simmons. Or my dad. My dad was there for me every post along the way.

When did you realize you wanted to do this for a living?

RW: I started attending home games in the early 70's with my parents, and they would take me to the alumni lunch room in Gallagher before the games. Ever since I've had this irresistible urge to talk about OSU sports for free. I'm still dreaming about making a living at it.

How do you see yourself progressing?

KP: You know, just typing a lot of words and trying to be funny.

Big thanks to Kyle for being so cooperative and forthcoming.

That surely was more information than you ever thought you could get about Kyle and me and what we do. Our goal was to inform and elaborate as much as possible. Hope you enjoyed it!