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Big 12 Releases Preseason Polls

In this years version of the preseason polls the media picks OU as the future winner and OSU in fifth place.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

This morning at 10:00am CT the Big 12 officially released their preseason polls for the upcoming football season. For Cowboy fans it may be a bit upsetting to see our bitter rival at the top of that list, even though we knew that OSU was more than likely not getting that bid. Here is what the polls look like:

2014 Big 12 Football Media Preseason Poll

1. Oklahoma (47) 548
2. Baylor (9) 508
3. K-State 377
4. Texas 376
5. Oklahoma State 312
6. Texas Tech 308
7. TCU 297
8. West Virginia 170
9. Iowa State 121
10. Kansas 63

first-place votes in parentheses

What does this mean? Absolutely nothing. It's just a fun thing for the fans in my opinion, especially in a league as unpredictable as the Big 12 has been of late. The past three years the eventual winner wasn't even picked as one or two, last year Baylor was picked fifth, and in 2012 KSU was picked sixth. Now of course technically the media was half right in 2012 since there was not "one true champion".

I agree with the polls for the most part, while the 3-7 spots are pretty much interchangeable at this point, there isn't much to discuss.

I have OSU finishing in fourth, but don't get me wrong this season is still far away and I don't think anyone has picked the eventual winner. Although OU or Baylor would be the best bet we all know how unpredictable this league can be. As many have said OSU lacks experience, not talent.

What do you think the polls should look like?