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Mike Gundy Bails on ESPN "Car Wash" Event

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy just doesn't care, and you sort of have to love him for it.

Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

Every year ESPN arranges for coaches from all over the country to come to their campus and run through several TV appearances. One show right after another. The "Car Wash" as it's called is a big PR opportunity for every university. After all, unless you're Nick Saban trying to secure a spot in the National Title game, a coach very rarely gets to be featured on ESPN throughout the entire day.

The opportunity to see Coach Mike Gundy featured is one Oklahoma State fans will be denied this year. It was reported earlier today that Coach Gundy will be the only coach in a Big Five power conference not to attend.

According the the Tulsa World, Coach Gundy declined the invitation in order to watch his son play in a baseball tournament.

Gundy has long since had somewhat of a contentious relationship with the media, but this is a decision that I applaud. The Pokes are just a few weeks from kickoff, and once the season begins, until it finishes, he'll be largely unavailable to his family. From first thing in the morning with daily planning, practices and coaches meetings throughout the day, to staying up all hours of the night to watch game film; spending quality family time is a sacrifice Gundy makes every year.

When so much is demanded of your time it can be difficult to stick to your priorities. We also have to remember that Gundy is a role model to more than just his children. It's up to a coach to show some of the young men on the team what a father should be.

As Bill Haisten also points out, there will be plenty of other opportunities this season to put the Cowboys in the spotlight.