The Levels of Oklahoma State Fandom

Brett Deering

In sports there are the generic levels of sports fans. The lowest level of fandom being Fair-weather fans. Those who only stick around when the times are going good (see also: Bandwagoners). Then there are your Average fans, who watch the games and stick around between the thick and thin but never get too high or low. There are also the Loyal fans. These fans attend the games as well as have a lot of their teams merchandise and they aren’t afraid to show it in public. Next you have the Diehards, these fans attend the games and do whatever they can to help there team get an advantage whether it be by painting themselves or wearing full body suits. Lastly you have Superfans. These guys live and die with their team.

Each team has their share of each level of the generic fans but they also have fans that are specific to their team. Without further ado, the levels of fandom for OSU Football.

Dez Bryants

Dez Bryants are OSU's lowest level of fans. These fans no doubt give you great production and are some of the best. However, suddenly they stop showing up to games. When you ask them why they don’t, they give you a lame reason. Once you reflect on what they actually provided for the team you realize they were more about themselves than the success of the team.

Season Ticket Holders

If you fall in this category, you don’t necessarily have to be a season ticket holder. This group is more of the casual fan. They could in fact go to every game, or they could just go to one. However these people will watch every game even if they don’t go to them.


The Alumni buy season tickets and attend every game. They cheer for the team, but usually casually and don’t get too rowdy. However, these fans, when called upon and needed by the team, can get extremely loud. These are the people that, when other fans rushed the field in 2011, stood in the stands and shed a single tear.


Students are some of the most dedicated fans at OSU. They line up for hours before kick off to get their seats. Together with the Paddle People they make up the best student section in the Big 12. Every play they are as loud as can be, making them one of the main factors in creating the atmosphere in BPS.

Choo Choo’s

Choo Choo’s are extremely dedicated fans. They go to every game by whatever means possible no matter if it’s a home or away game. These people follow the team from Morgantown, WV to Austin, TX. They know the stats and complete roster of the whole team at every position.

Paddle People

These people are the upper echelon of the students. They are the crazies. They paint there bodies orange which matches the black clothing they wear. They bring their ever so disruptive paddles and make as much noise as possible before plays. They were so disruptive that the Big 12 (*cough* *cough* Texas) got them banned from being used during plays.

Mr. Orange Power

The last spot on this list is reserved for one man, and one man only. Mr. Orange Power. It is not like this dude leads the Orange Power chant most of the time, no, every time this chant gets going this guy is behind it. This dude lives and breathes Oklahoma State. Even from across the stadium you can see him in his orange jump suit holding his Orange sign and waving on both sides of the crowd to get louder. It takes a major Superfan to get a whole crowd of 60,000+ to chant the most bone-chilling, disruptive phrase known to the Big 12.

So, what category do you fall into? Or do you fit one of the stereotypical fans better? Maybe you have your own category?

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