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Devon Thomas Is Officially Gone

As expected, Devon Thomas is no longer with the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

When Devon Thomas committed to Oklahoma State the sky was the limit for what his legacy would be in Stillwater.  He was everything you wanted in a running back.

ESPN's Scouting Evaluation:
Has deceptive lateral speed and agility to stretch and turn the corner along with very good plant and burst up field.

While he has some shake in tight spaces he also will display an aggressive style in traffic. Will challenge and take on defenders and lowers shoulder to deliver blow when finishing runs.

In terms of measurables, he has a good size and speed combination. Looks to have a frame for growth potential as well and the eventual size and power to develop into a load back at the next level.

Unfortunately, Thomas wasn't everything you want as a teammate and we now know his legacy at Oklahoma State will forever be, "So much talent wasted".

In March, Thomas was arrested for allegedly committing armed robbery. He was subsequently charged with multiple felonies including first-degree burglary, robbery with a firearm, and shooting with an intent to kill.

While Cowboy fans have assumed for some time that Devon would no longer be with the team, he was curiously left on the roster throughout the summer.  We knew it was inevitable though, and today it became official. Devon Thomas is no longer listed on the Oklahoma State roster handed out at Big 12 Media Days.

"if there's a player that's not on that roster, then he's not a part of our team." Coach Gundy confirmed during his Big 12 Media Days interview.


Coach Gundy later told Bill Haisten with the Tulsa World, that Thomas has not been dismissed from the team. This would appear to leave the door open slightly for a possible return pending the outcome of the trial.

As stated by Robert in the comments, Thomas' attorney is reportedly eager for trial and potential exoneration.