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Hit Me Baby One More Time

Mike Gundy addresses the media during the Big 12 Media Days. Compares himself to Britney Spears.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Gundy has seemed to develop a fomula for dealing with the media. First, disarm them with comedy.

"I feel like Britney Spears." Gundy said as he took the stage.

um what? So many questions, but it looks like Gundy's love affair with Justin Beiber from 2011 is over.

The next step is to answer questions as vaguely as possible. This is largely accomplished by seemingly giving a direct answer, only to immediately contradict himself.

QUESTION: Can you talk about your quarterback situation first, please?

Even though we know J.W. Walsh is the starter, it's a fair question. Who's going to take the snaps under center has been a weekly discussion for the Cowboys ever since Brandon Weeden ran out of eligibility.

COACH GUNDY: Well, J.W. Walsh took the majority of the reps in the spring with the 1's and has had a good summer.

We have some inexperienced and young players behind him. Each one of them brings something a little different to the table in our offense. Based on the style of play or the plan of attack that we want to use, we have a little bit of flexibility with the quarterback that we put in the game at that time.

.... So Walsh is Gundy's guy, unless Daxx Garman or Mason Rudolph are put into the game, then they have that covered too. Thanks Coach, for uh... clearing that up.

The response was so confusing it caused at least one to question what we already know.

QUESTION: Is J.W. Walsh your starter week one, and how have you seen his game progress?

COACH GUNDY: Well, we have three quarterbacks that are playing. And I've said earlier that J.W. is the guy that's been out there most of the time. But each quarterback brings something different to the table, and that gives us a little bit of flexibility on offense and what we want to try or how we want to try to attack a team each week.

Wait, what? To sum up, Gundy has three QB's playing, Walsh is the guy, depending on who they play each week. I'm getting a headache.

It appears that Walsh will have the reigns, but Gundy and staff are working on some packages to sneak Daxx or Mason into the game. Here's hoping a Daxx Garman bomb to Jhajaun Seales happens at some point this season. I would ask Gundy to clarify that, but well.. you know.

Thankfully, Gundy was a little more straight forward when talking about Tyreek Hill.

QUESTION: Can you talk a little bit about what Tyreek Hill brings to the table?

COACH GUNDY: He's very fast. We'll play him at a running back position. We'll play him at the receiver position, and we look forward to him helping us in special teams.

We're learning more about him each day. We feel like that he needs to touch the ball at least 15 to 20 times a game, maybe more, depending on how he fits into our system each week. But I've been impressed with his work ethic, his ability to come in and run track and also be part of our football team. He's very humble.

Our players like him. And so we're fortunate to have him on our football team.

QUESTION: When you look at using Tyreek Hill and try to get him 15, 20 touches a game, is there a blueprint that you look for in exactly how you want to use him, like Tavon or Charles Sims or Joe Randle for you guys?

COACH GUNDY: I think those examples you used would fit what we're looking for. It could change each week. One area that our coaches have done a good job with over the last few years is trying to put our players in position due to a matchup that gives them the best chance of success. And we're hoping that Tyreek gives us the ability to use him as an inside runner or put him on the outside and use his speed in the receiving game. I mentioned earlier we're learning more about him each day as we go through August and see what he brings to the table and how much he can handle mentally. We'll know more.

So I'm not sure that we have a polished and finished blueprint. But we do have a pretty good idea of how we want to use him this season.

If Hill touches the ball 15-20 times a game I might die. His speed is just incredible, and he just might be the next great thing at Oklahoma State!

Coach Gundy also addressed the Devon Thomas situation, Mike Yurcich's improvements as an offensive coordinator, facing Florida State, and more. You can read the full transcript from Mike Gundy's Big 12 Media Days interview here.