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Gundy's media plan has dissolved into silliness.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Walsh is taking the vast majority of the snaps with the one's, but apparently Gundy and Company are planning on rolling out one of 3 different QB's depending on the opponent and game plan each week.

The first inquiry was presented by the new OSU man at NewsOk, Kyle Fredrickson. He was granted this response:

COACH GUNDY: Well, J.W. Walsh took the majority of the reps in the spring with the 1's and has had a good summer.

We have some inexperienced and young players behind him. Each one of them brings something a little different to the table in our offense. Based on the style of play or the plan of attack that we want to use, we have a little bit of flexibility with the quarterback that we put in the game at that time.

When I first heard this, I laughed out loud, at least until the follow up query about who would start prompted this repeat performance:

QUESTION: Is J.W. Walsh your starter week one, and how have you seen his game progress?

COACH GUNDY: Well, we have three quarterbacks that are playing. And I've said earlier that J.W. is the guy that's been out there most of the time. But each quarterback brings something different to the table, and that gives us a little bit of flexibility on offense and what we want to try or how we want to try to attack a team each week.

I mean, really. Why not prep 13 QB's so nobody will be able to guess the game plan for each week? If that is the plan with 3, then why not at least 5 or 6? Has Yurcich used his Legos to convince Gundy to use some kind of new-fangled multi-QB system?

Gundy is a first rate head coach. He's done an excellent job utilizing the money and facilities provided to take an historically slightly above average football program and transform it into a perennial top 25 and Big 12 contender. His coaching tree continues to grow. His program's ability to evaluate and bring in hidden talent is well established. He obviously knows what he's doing.

Which makes this even more ridiculous.

Is another coach as obtuse about this?

I'm not going anywhere near who's actually taken snaps with whom. The absolute non-sensical statement that OSU could possibly trot out one of 3 guys depending on the matchups is so preposterous that it trumps everything else.

Tell us who is starting, or tell us that you're not going to talk about it. But don't give us this drivel. This is insulting.

And it makes Gundy look silly.

I'm sure he doesn't care, and that's fine. It's his program to run. But for heaven's sake say something that borders on logic or intelligence.

Gundy went to great lengths to tell us about the many ways and number of plays involved in putting Tyreek Hill's special talent to good use. Maybe Hill only touches the ball 3 times against Florida State.

So, coach, are you telling us the truth about anything? About something? Be ridiculous about it all, then we can just make fun of it all. I feel like OSU sports media coverage should be like The Onion.

Fans and media are a part of the gig. At least be respectful of that. You have to trot out in front of the cameras and face some questions when you obviously would rather not. My 8 yr old son hates homework, but it's part of the gig and he does it. You get paid a LOT of money to essentially be the CEO of a successful Division I football program. You are going to get questions. Your decisions are going to be second-guessed.

Gundy has the right to say whatever he wants, and we have the right to call him out.

A match made in heaven.