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Since CRFF is obviously on some kind of "watch" list for press credentials, we actually got a big assist from Fansided's Stormin' in Norman crew, of all places...

Oklahoma State CB Kevin Peterson
Oklahoma State CB Kevin Peterson
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Since the guys at Stormin' in Norman happened to get some interview stuff they had no use for, they were generous enough to share those goodies with us. We really do appreciate their effort. What follows is a transcript of their questions and answers with WR Jhajaun Seales and CB Kevin Peterson (comments in parentheses are ours):

Sophomore WR Jhajaun Seales:

Regarding Florida State opener...

"We’re very excited to play on this stage to show people what we can do and showcase to the fans what we can do this year.

Expectations for 2014...

"Expectation for this year is to be better leaders, bring up the young guys, be go-getters, and keep finishing."

(Bull Durham couldn't have said it better.....)

On no NCAA 15...

"I’m very upset about that. I love playing college football. I liked playing it more than Madden. I thought college football was always more real than the NFL. I’m kind of mad about that. I hope they make another one."

On offseason workouts...

"Coach Glass is very intense. Most people can’t make it through that. If you can make it through that, you can make it through anything. It’ll keep you pushing throughout the season."

On wide receivers group...

"We all bond, hang out on the weekends. Like a family. We do things together."

Junior cornerback Kevin Peterson:

Where does this D stand right now?

"We are a young team. It’s no secret. The guys that we bring in for the summer and spring time, the hard work that we put in, I feel like we’ve worked harder than any time since I’ve been here. We really have a chance to win. Our philosophy is to win."

On the opener with Florida State...

"If you’re gonna go after somebody, why not go after the best? You don’t wanna go after a team that had zero wins the past season, then feel good about beating a team that hasn't won a game in 20 years. That’s how I was raised."

On fan support...

"The fan base is amazing. They say we bleed the brightest orange. That’s true when you come to the games. The walk is always packed. The support system is everywhere. Social media is a place you can really get bashed down, but our fans show they’re really on your side and love to see you play. It’s really a family thing when it comes to Oklahoma State."

Do you feel you have a chip on your shoulder?

"I’m sure with the polls coming, being told you’re not good enough to make an All-Big 12 team, they don’t see what you’ve done during the summer. They don’t see the work the guys put in for this next season. It’s really fun to see what plays you’re going to be able to make this season."

On participation rings...

"Whenever they give you a ring, it means you worked for it. The spring and the summer time you all come together. It’s really a great testament."

(Sounds like something Kansas came up with)

Bedlam mindset...

"You don’t have to get pumped up to go play OU. They probably don’t like us and you know we don’t really take a liking to them. The fans boost it up just as much as we do. We’re gonna give them our best, and they’re gonna give [us] they’re best. It’s going to be fun."

Thanks again to the writers at Stormin' in Norman for putting in the work.