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OU Running Back "Knocks Out" Female Victim

Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon reportedly punched a female in the face last night in Norman.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors started swirling today that Oklahoma freshman running back Joe Mixon punched a female in the face last night. The alleged incident occurred inside Pickleman's Gourmet Cafe at approximately 2:30am.

An employee of Picklman's, that spoke under the condition of anonymity, witnessed the attack. The employee stated that Joe Mixon punched the victim in the face.

"She was knocked out and blood was all over the floor."

Due to the severity of the attack the victim, described as a white female with blonde hair, was reportedly taken to the hospital.

"Her face was swollen as well" The Pickleman's employee stated. "Her teeth weren't aligning and it is possible her jaw and nose were broken"

The employee said they were unsure what lead up to the attack, but says she didn't touch Mixon. There are rumors that the attack may have been provoked. The victim may have been intoxicated, and mouthing off to Mixon. The employee stated that Pickleman's was noisy at the time, but they didn't think an argument took place.

"If they did have an argument, I should have overheard it."

Ultimately though, the witness was unsure if anything led up to the attack.

Police arrived about 10 minutes after the incident took place, but the employee stated Mixon had already left.

The employee also confirmed there is security footage of the assault, and they believe it was turned over to the police.

An OU spokesman has said the university is aware of the situation.

Joe Mixon is listed at 6-foot-2 and 216 pounds. He was a highly-touted recruit, and highlighted the 2014 recruiting class.